The WOD is a two person team WOD.  You must complete each exercise before moving to the next.  The numbers are totals between you and your partner.  You may not work at the same time with the exception of the run.

Run 400

50 Pull Ups
40 SDLHP 75/55
30 Med Ball Lateral Hops- Parallelettes 
20 Burpees
Run 400 m
20 Burpees
30 Med Ball Lateral Hops
40 SDLHP 75/55
50 Pull ups
Run 400 m

Please don't come in and ask to do the Total.  It will be available on Sunday.

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  1. Hey, can I come in tomorrow and do the Total? hahaha
    Seriously, good luck to everyone that is competing at the challenge tomorrow!

  2. hey guys. just got back from Garage…
    and I am badger’d haha…
    ended up with 36:48 on
    20R 65lb squat clean
    80 jumping pullups
    800M run
    3 rounds
    Garage was great; the coaches were really funny and nice, and all of the other athletes were big killers too. Kim and crew got there a little late so when my heat was done they were just getting in.
    oh and by the way, my momma came out to represent and it made her cry because i was working so hard hahahha

  3. Awesome job Kimi! Sorry I missed you.
    It was freakn freezn out there…way to represent Pistol, Hicky and Ann-imal!

  4. thanks to robert for being an awesome partner this morning! i love team workouts.
    great to see so many familiar faces at the garage this morning! way to go hicky, pistol, and annimal – that wod is no joke, especially in arctic temperatures. the clampetts corner was cozy though πŸ™‚

  5. Great job Kimi. You rocked the cleans.
    After one round, my left hip became aggravated and trying to do the second rounds of cleans was extremely painful. By the 3rd rep, my hips could not generate enough power to get under the bar. By that point, I threw in the towel. I will be heading to the doctor on next week to find out the damage report on my hip.
    Regardless, I hope Hicky and Pistol rocked it out.

  6. Thanks for your help Katie. I’ll take you as a teammate anytime. Robert

  7. Thanks Simone for working out with me and being a good partner. Took me a minute to get the hang of it…sometimes I’m slow. πŸ™‚