"The Twelve Days of Christmas"



2 Burpees

3 Ring Dips

4 Jumping Squats

5 Walking Lunges (each)

Six Box Jumps


8 KB Swings (40,30)

9 Wall Ball Shots

10 SDHP (75,55)

11 DB Thrusters (35,25)

12 GI Janes

This WOD is 12 rounds and just like the song.  Do 1, then do 2,1 then do 3-2-1 until 12!  

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  1. Good to see you today Doc and I am sorry you hate that song now. Nice work ALice.

  2. Okay;
    1. Is anyone else really tired of the rain
    2. Is anyone else really tired of the COLD RAIN
    3. Has anyone counted the obscene number of reps this is?

  3. Is this one going to be up on the board next week sometime, too? I remember doing the kids version last year and it was somewhat miserable, but I’d like to try it again.

  4. Ha!
    It’s an annual celebration Andy. For me i got to celebrate for 36 mins. I had to do some extra HSPUs to get mine in but I am better for it I’m sure. Crazy.
    Good job 12:30. Thanks for a good class Meatball. I think that is the first time I have ever taken it.
    Still taking it easy on the shoulder but I did the KTEs and GI Janes today. I used an under over grip so I am going to have a huge bicep on my right side!

  5. Dreading this workout is going to make the rest of my work day fly by!

  6. I’m pretty certain it’s supposed to be 1 Wall Ball and 9 HSPU, just sayin’ and trying to help out my fellow Crossfitter’s.

  7. no help at all for your fellow Crossfitter’s, only for your fellow gymnasts or fellow 5’3″ers

  8. Now that was a fun workout! It sucked while doing it, and I hate that song now, but still a really awesome workout

  9. Screw you, you commie bastard! If you don’t do sectionals, then I will play my Glee Club playlist every time you work out.

  10. Thanks Pebbles for timing me tonight!!!