"Nasty Girls"

3 rounds for time of:
50 Squats
7 Muscle-ups
135 pound Hang power cleans, 10 reps

Post time to comments.

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  1. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    Well, headed in to try my new selection of tape and band aids on my hands. Brad is skeptical.Looks like a tought one today.

  2. who is that strong girl in that picture!!!!

  3. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    Great Work Out. Only suck factor of 3.If I could do a muscle up, it may have been more. 9 min. something on the time.See everyone tomorrow.

  4. Ride Around [Salley] says

    Nice job Christy! Yeah…um, let me know what you find out on the tape thing, because everything I tried this AM just got in the way. Like Brad said – better off just using the chalk.
    Oh yeah – Brad – 8:15 or 8:30??? So confused…
    time: 10:11

  5. Christy...aka Pebbles says

    Thank You Salley. Will share my tape, band aid, gauze pad and glove research with you tomorrow. Hello to your wife!

  6. Lay Down [Salley] says

    Since I can only do a jumping MU, I found these “tips” online for a real one (determined to do one!). No idea what he’s saying, but for what it’s worth…
    1. False grip — looking at your right palm, find the “bottom-left corner”. You’re going to put that corner on top of the ring when you hang, by cocking your wrist towards yourself. It’s not comfortable. You want the ring on the wrist / watchband side of that ‘corner’. There are 2 bones in the forearm — that’s the Ulna. Also called the “medial” side of the forearm, as opposed to the “ventral” side — the thumb is on the ventral side.
    2. Pull-up, sliding elbows along your ribs, keeping rings narrow; try to place the rings against your ribs/nipples — closer to ribs is better. That bottom corner of your hand is still on top of the ring, so the ring is still touching your ulna.
    3. Transition: 2 parts – your wrists have to push down and roll on top of the ring; you do this by rocking your body so that your shoulders move forward over the rings. I believe this is the critical trick. You can use your body — even your hips and legs — to rock, so that your shoulders roll forward and get on top of the rings.
    Do NOT try to move the rings down with your arm & wrist strength, to get on top of them. That’s the mistake you must learn to overcome, by rolling your body forward so your shoulders get over. Once your shoulders are over the rings, a strong dip will stand you up.
    If you know the trick, you only have to pull the rings down to your nipples, to get the muscle up. A little kip might even get you from rings-above-pecs to rings-on-bottom-of-nipples, but follow it immediately by rolling shoulders forward.