Sunday WOD


What a fun day!  This is  group shot minus Double D and Joy.  Thanks so much for coming out!  CrossFit North Fulton placed 6th out of 16!  We are moving up that CF totem pole.

Overhead squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Front squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps
Back squat 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Try to increase the load on each of the fifteen sets.

Post loads to comments.

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  1. it was great seeing everyone yesterday. you guys did awesome. i am looking forward to the next challenge at CFNF.

  2. Great picture, I would love to get a copy. If someone could send it to me that would be awesome.
    Great fun yesterday. Thanks to everyone who cheered me on. It really helped. Thanks Kim for telling me to breathe.I needed that.
    I hope to see everyone at our gym at these challenges. You don’t know what your missing!
    Brad and Kim have coached us well. Everyone had great form and completed the work outs well. It was tough but we were able to score much bigger this time.
    See ya tomorrow.

  3. Pebbles, sent the pic. Let me know if you want more, bring in a flash drive thingy and I’ll download them for you! Austin, you were not a disgrace. These challenges ALWAYS show you your weaknesses. Learn from it and come back stronger!

  4. Austin M says

    Well I got my drinking day out of the way, now its time to start training harder. looking forward to being back in the gym on monday.
    p.s. how good do I look in that picture..

  5. Austin, your a stud BUT it is hard to look good when your next to two very handsome young blondes. 😉

  6. Happy Fathers Day to all at CFNF. Great picture.
    Austin: You did fine. Trying to farmers walk with holding on to %80 of your body weight could not have been easy. I am sure we will have a WOD this week that will show off your talents.
    See everyone tomorrow….if I can walk.

  7. What a bad ass looking group!
    Challenge was awesome….so many great things to say..
    G, way to lead the way! Ur time was smokin’. Spider, real proud of u guttin’ up on the rx….I knew u could kill it! Brad, unbelievable u did every station with a beer in your hand. Sean, dont know who i have more of a man crush on, mike g or your ripped out physique (thats my goal). Charlie, wish I coulda seen it but I could tell from the time u were pushing yourself! Austin, these things are definatley weakness revealers….in my case it was my inability to read directions. I would rather have failed physically than mentally. Don’t be hard on yourself…u are a tough competitor and there’s a next time.
    Onto the ladies, …….two words, “WOW”! Kim u r highly trained and it showed. Pebs, hicky yall kill it rx, I am amazed by the performances (in no particular order) of the first timers. Kamillah, Joy, Peggy yall were great….alex, by the looks of ur performance it would be hard to guess its the first time.
    Had an awesome time….best part may have been the stellas with everyone after! On to cfnf…..let’s show em’ how we roll OTP.

  8. AWESOME job yesterday y’all!! Thanks so much for coming and making it SUCH a fantastic day!
    Pistol, looking forward to helping you guys with ANYTHING you need for holding the next challenge!
    CFNA’s pix are up
    Adding your pix link to the list

  9. don’t know how I didn’t mention peaches and j-po…. Ya’ll rocked sox too! Guess yall are just staples like the rest of us. Glad ya’ll up the average of our good looks!

  10. Great job everyone – I’m really proud of Breeze, Pistol and all of CFNF! GDog you da man. Personally, I’m glad I got my training done for the day so I could start drinking…