Sunday – Rest Day


Game Day…..

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  1. Great workout today Brad & Christy. I had to really work to keep up with you, Christy. P.S. try the new skin. It stings like a b@#$%! but works. You can even use it on your hands while you work out.

  2. Great pic Kim. Brad maybe you should wear that all of the time. It is am improvement. I am just sayin!

  3. Thanks. I enjoyed the work out. I love havng people to work out with since NO ONE EVER comes at 7am and goes at noon. Will try the new skin. Brad told me about it but did not warn me that it stings like a B$%&#. MEAN!

  4. Is that an IPA beer I see?? Not sure if I recognize that label! Crappy day on the course….I blamed you guys. Although I was killing the ball!! But it was a trouble day….
    Looking forward to seeing ya’ll tomorrow!
    Brad…like the mask…you look very..well…hmmmmm….I like the mask…
    ta ta for now,