DSC_0150 Scruff and Hagler have a competition going.  Who can attend the most classes this month?  Who's your pick?

Front Squat


5 Rounds

15 Cal Row/15 Burpees


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  1. Good job 6a. That met con was long!

  2. Caswell….if your coming to 8:30 Will you bring coffee pleeeeeeease?

  3. looks like a fun WOD…see yall this afternoon.

  4. My money’s on Haglger.

  5. I was just going to say ….I am a slackass for not coming today…but opted for a spontaneous lunch with some old friends and new….I am a tired old lady and I am sore today…but want to beat scruffy…you look hot Scruffy in this pic…my money is on you..are we even on the workouts now since I missed today?? I was liking the one day lead…

  6. thanks pebbles for your coaching tonight!
    can i be part of this attendance challenge? it might help me come in more than… once a week.

  7. Quite a Friday class tonight. Shandy topped the FS board ay 255 for 3. Nice Met Con times Beeerad and JT.
    Looking forward to tomorrow. Shoulder press and O lifting..woooohoooo!