Saturday – WOD – Meet at 8:00am here to go to Fight Gone Bad! Regular group classes STILL scheduled.


Doc, Double D & Max gettin their squat on before sunrise.  Gotta love it!


Pistol (each leg)
cul de sac run

Post time to comments.

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  1. Charlie Liles says

    I love the grimace!

  2. Kim – it was great meeting you today! Naomi said she was really glad you were her scorekeeper for FGB this morning! She said you did a great job coaching her!
    Looking forward to coming by to visit your space really soon!

  3. Awesome job this am Garrett and Kim. FGB is a tough one. I notice at these challenges that CFNF has THE BEST form.I thought you guys did great.
    To everyone at CFNF…you gotta come to the next challenge. We need ya! They are a lot of fun and we always meet some great people.
    Word on the street is that the one in June is at CFNF. GET READY!!!I want to see EVERYONE there.

  4. Kim – thanks for the kudos on our blog – it was good to meet you and some of the CFNF athletes! It was inspiring to see you all working so hard!

  5. Thank you for the support at Fight Gone Bad today guys. . . ya’ll did really awesome!!
    Please invite us to the next Crossfit Challenge. . . we would love to participate.
    If you ever need anything, please let us know! 🙂

  6. it was great to see you guys at the FGB fundraiser. You all kicked ass.
    Pebbles, it was great to meet you.