Saturday Rest Day


Kevin meets the welcoming committee.

If today isn’t your rest day your WOD will be:

4 Rounds for time.

20 kb swings

20 wall ball

20 burpees

20 box jumps

20 lunges

400 m run

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  1. Just finished WOD at Augusta Country Club’s new gym – all the high-brows looked at me like I had three heads!(especially doing burpees) Not really sure what my time was…I’m guessing somewhere around 25 minutes. Pretty tough one, I will say.
    -40 lb. DB swings
    -20 lb. medicine ball
    -subbed Row for Run
    -highest ‘box’ I could find was ~ 18″
    Just for Pistol – I finished it off with a quick ab w/o – 20 SU, 30 bicycles, 40 scissors. Now I am drinking a beer (Stella, of course) to rehydrate! Happy Easter to all!

  2. gigi..burpee hater to infinity and Beyond!! says

    Windy as all getout here in Destin! Went for a bike ride this morning and got the legs all burning. Might go do my burpees today on the beach….hahahahahahahahahaha!
    p.s. The Easter Bunny brought me a soy shake this morning with strawberries! We are now having Roast Rabbit for lunch!!
    Happy Easter everybody!!