Saturday February 4. Grab a partner.


Everyone has that one special person that pushes them each WOD!

This is a two person work out. At the start of the work out one team member must pick up a med ball and the ball must remain in the hands of one team member until the end of the WOD. Teammates work one at a time EXCEPT for the run. You may run together but the BALL MUST GO WITH YOU. Do not move to the next movement until both teammates are back from the run.

30 push press    Advanced 135/95    Intermediate 115/85     Beginner 95/65

Bldg run  (out the front door, in the back, take the ball with you) 20/14

30 Tire Flips

Bldg run

30 clapping push ups

Bldg run

30 Dumbell HANG  POWER Cleans with a right and left leg lunge  (1 hang pc, lunge right, lunge left =1) 40/25

Bldg run

and  100 wall ball sit ups  20/14




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  1. I love this pic of you two!! Y’all are definitely great at pushing each other and me too! Two lunch time peas in a pod.

  2. Ahh shucks!! That’s beautiful.
    Thanks Q! You’re right there with us so we all push each other.
    HAGS beat me every day this week. Hoping to push a lot harder to stay within a minute or two of her time this week.
    She’s stayed with me till the very end on each workout. My rabbit and cheerleader. Thanks HAGS you’ve pushed me since I first started crossfit and I appreciate you!!
    Enough sappy stuff, be ready for Monday!!

    • For any one interested in our trniniag, all of our trniniag was under 20 miles per week total, except for 1 week! 7 weeks before the race I ran 2 times. In that week 1 of those runs was 3 miles and the other was 29 miles. My actual mileage each week was around 15 miles to be perfectly honest. Ryan never ran anything longer than 15 miles while his mileage was still kept low. Believe me, people were questioning whether we were ready to take on 23,200 ft elevation gain and 23,200 ft elevation loss over 101.85 miles. I assured them we would be just fine. A couple people at the start of the race did not think we would make it we did make it and we beat them as well. Ryan and I can probably overhead squat, deadlift, press, snatch, etc more than those people as well! CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance DO work you just have to free your mind a little bit and try it! Many people give me the argument that they enjoy running a lot hey I love running too. I do not have the time too, nor do I want to run 50, 60, 70 miles per week and have my body break down. So more efficient and effective work must be done this is where CF and CFE comes into play! Again, this may not be for everyone, but it will work. If you want to be stronger, fitter, healthier, and just have more energy, give it a go!