50 Double Unders


Back Squat (Bodyweight)

Pull Ups

50 Double Unders

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Join us Sunday at 7:00 am for a bike ride.  Click here for info!


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  1. In West Virginia for my high school reunion. Just did the Dirty Thirty at Crossfit West Virginia. I represented! RX:) (sorta if you count singles for DUs and plates for Box Jumps which in Xena’s world counts) Miss my peeps!!!

  2. Pistol crushed it today, probably because she was using my super awesomest jump rope!

  3. or maybe it was the socks!

  4. Hi Everyone,
    We are going to do the Pedal for a Purpose tomorrow. If you want to meet up you can call me at 404-664-1763.
    You can still register online at:
    Hope to see you out there