DSC_0007 Amber and Kevin rockin those kettlebell/push up sprints.  Amber just recently completed her elements sessions and has joined the group classes.  Please introduce yourself to her if you haven't already.

HQ Rest Day.

ALT WOD by special request:  15 min AMPAP

10 OHS (115,75)
15 Sit Ups
20 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. Hard WOD today. Pistol and Blake (great to have you back) were very strong and Nick (Tattoo Nicky) just plain dominated. It was great seeing new faces along with the old faces today. Very humbling experience today.
    Just a reminder, tomorrow is Katie’s birthday.

  2. Here at the Garage affiliate challenge – brutal programming….so proud of my wife for kickin’ so much butt!

  3. Fun wod today! Thank you Ed & Nick for teaching so I could workout!