_DSC0111_edited-1   Row 400, Drink a beer for time…..

5 Rounds for Time:
10 Med Ball Cleans (20,14)
Block Run
10 HSPU- Head to floor
10 KTE

Post time to comments.

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  1. row 400, drink a beer? i repsect that workout.

  2. breeze – today’s WOD was a mucho good.
    xena – missed you.
    bam-bam – get your ass out of bed next time
    make your rents proud.
    nitro (da bomb-da-bomb-bomb)

  3. Bummed that I won’t get to do this one (minus the run, of course) – may have to make it up on another day.

  4. I am a such a loser. Just realized I only did 4 rounds? No wonder I thought this wod was easy!

  5. Going to go try a little run…will walk more than run probably. But, that’s ok..
    I posted Thurs that I felt great…well after 6 hours in the car, rigamortis set in and I hurt like HELL still to this day!! Made a liar out of me, but love hurting so good!
    See ya’ll next week for more torture! 🙂

  6. Threw down on Murph this morning – 6:30 better than the last time. This is what I do on my days off!

  7. Wow, DD, you really did it. I thought you were just talking noise this morning when you said you might try Murph. That’s awesome! You are a beast! And Sheri you did great this morning. Your medicine ball cleans were near perfect after all the ‘coaching’ from Brad. JT you better watch your back, your mom is an animal!

  8. Good job everyone at 8:30. That WOD was not as easy as it appeared on the board. But then I think I am just beat up from this week. Thanks for the extra push towards the end, Pistiol. 😉 I’ll see ya’ll Monday (hopefully). Have a great weekend everyone!

  9. agreed! i’m in for this WOD.
    3 rounds?

  10. The 12:30 group was awesome; Great WOD, fresh air, warm sun, and great people. I would have loved to have hung out with the the group after the workout but I had to get back to work. See everyone next week!

  11. That was a fun 12:30 workout….thanks for the push Spider!
    Everyone better watch out for Nitro…when he gets that brace off he is going to be tough to beat! Proud of ya guy!

  12. DD that is awesome! Way to go on Murph!
    Sarah – saw your post on facebook but I can’t actually access facebook from work. i won’t be at the gym today, got places to be 🙂 but i’ll be there tomorrow, will you?

  13. That was a fun workout! I had to run behind Big Ed so I tried to keep up! Thanks for being my rabbit! Great job, Amy, Miguel, Breeze and Spider! and Big Ed!
    DD had the day off so he came in and did Murph….that’s exactly what i want to do if I ever get a day off…NOT!

  14. Breeze –
    thanks for your supreme coaching + support.
    you truly are super-human at all levels.
    i worship you (but not in a weird way)
    now that everyone knows i’m your favorite,
    duh . . .
    and on the path to total domination,
    i will work even harder.
    (super hero music begins, SFX of thunder + lightening)
    i will not stop until i can toss around G-Dog,
    JT + Bam-Bam like the little girly rag dolls that
    they are.
    until i can get pebbles to smack my ass on a regular basis.
    until i’m wicked cut like the stud of all studs,
    Big Ed.
    until i can power lift like smokin’ hot Xena.
    until i am . . . .
    Nitro, The Ultimate Bomb Factory . . .
    (music swells, out and scene)

  15. Nitro, I def need to have some drinks with you sometime. You are a riot.
    Tom, luv the intensity you have at every WOD.

  16. Hilarious Nitro. Hope to see you soon. Are you and Xena working out tomorrow? I plan to be there at 8.