Rest Day


G-dog & OCD look pretty tough at Pebble’s & Jpo’s bday.

Notice:  The new pull up standard has changed.  Your chest now must touch the bar. 

Make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.

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  1. Great job Xena and Julie. Way to start the week. As for me, I will work on my clapping.
    Nitro, get home safely.

  2. PS. Love the picture.Very nice.

  3. Great picture – G-dog and OCD you look tough, and yet, still pretty. 😉 Hope everyone had a great weekend!
    Don’t forget – cookout at my house Saturday – we can hang by the pool during the day, too. (and yes, it will be kid friendly) Let me know if you can make it so I’ll have enough burgers.

  4. jenny.... Jpo says

    Can anyone tell me what is on the board today please:)

  5. Jpo…it reads, “if you aint pukin, you aint tryin!”

  6. Also reads….”my excuse is I drank too much beer”

  7. I do not understand the new pull-up standard. It would seem to give the ladies an advantage….

  8. Charlie….your the one that is DOUBLE D

  9. Ah Pebbles – yes I am but in name and not in stature.

  10. I think it depends on which age group you are talking about Charlie……

  11. Although I don’t think its the coolest name in the world, I guess I will have to embrace it!
    ps that is the funniest shirt ive ever seen.

  12. Great post Kim. Love the pic.
    For those of you who were not at the pool that day. I inadvertently showed up in a shirt that the PGA gave me recently at a function. If you take a close look at the shirt it names me as the second best golfer………..EVER!!

  13. So the reality of being on vacation for a week has caught up with me…. I think I only had 5 million emails when I got back..Not going to make it tonight but will see you all tomorrow! Enjoy the workout and Breeze I know what it is…quick block run, couple sit-up maybe a lunge or two fun fun fun
    Happy Monday!
    Keep the dream alive one kip at a time!
    PEACHES WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. G-dog. you look like a gangsta.
    OCD all the Hirijuku Girls in Japan what to meet you.
    i showed several of the pictures of you on the site with your
    shirt off.
    actually, all the pictures on here . . . your shirt is off.
    pebbles, thanks for the well wishes.
    i was coming back this weekend,
    but i’ve been recruited by the Japan National Sumo Wrestling League
    i’ve been kicking the ass of diaper wearing fat boys since I got off the plane.
    i’m a shit-load faster than the fatties, thanks to Cross Fit.
    breeze, you would be proud.
    Xena, kick ass Wednesday.
    xoxoxo to you all.
    especially to the warrior princess.
    Sayonara –