Rest Day


Michael working on his HSPU for JT

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  1. OK. Today I did the WOD from October 9. (5 rounds 50 squats and 100 jump rope) Did not know how I was going to do 250 squats…but I did it. It was not as fast as I would have liked (26 plus minutes) BUT I did it. These WOD are so challenging and I think i lose 3 lbs every time I do one.LOVE CROSSFIT!
    PS. I will beat Garrett at JT

    • Nick, better yet, it’s a 21-15-9 wkroout which means its supposed to be fast. Look back through your journal and see how long your other 21-15-9 wkroouts have taken you. If you scaled correctly for those you were about 7 min or under. To be honest, 10:00 is way too long for Fran . How about you get it in under 7:00? You’ll have a much better appreciation for Fran and all of her glory if you’re under 7:00. You probably won’t thank me for this today, but you’ll see what I mean later down the road.

  2. Brad Trego says

    Susan…..floweres on the way! Cheri……great time today!

  3. I think you’ve just captured the asewnr perfectly