Missing Stanley 

Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

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  1. Hilarious!!! Way to go Kim.
    Love push jerks.

  2. I miss Stanley too Max!

  3. Brad — thanks for the instruction and extended “hamburgler” or “Burgermeister” warm-up. 170 was today’s max.

  4. Yeah, I really miss my twin.

  5. Nice Jerk DD.

  6. The Princess (who continues to talk in third person for some reason) got 103 max today which was a significant improvement over her last max of 83 i believe.
    Brad, thanks for taking so much time with my friend, Sheri, this morning. She really loved it . . . that is, until she asked me to pull the car over on the way home and . . . . well, you know what came next:(

  7. U guys need to check out the video from crossfit athens. some kid named spencer, who weighs 143 lbs, OHS 265 lbs for 3 reps.

  8. link? (yes I am too lazy to fire up google, enter crossfit athens, and look for the video)

  9. Had lunch at a great “Zone Friendly” Restaurant called “Hot Bowl”, it’s supposedly just like Chow Baby. Check it out. 580 E Crossville Rd
    Roswell, GA 30075
    (678) 629-3605

  10. Ooooooo….Sounds like a place we MUST try!!! I love Chow Baby!!

  11. You must have seen the commercial on cable for them. I agree very zone friendly.

  12. xena. once again you rocked.
    damn, bi-otch!!
    cool that no chunks hit the floorboard of The 300.
    sherri (AKA: Bug Killer) great first WO.
    you should be proud.
    breeze. sorry i had to sweat + run.
    will make it up on saturday.
    can’t be there friday – new business calls.
    big ed. when you say you miss your twin, are you talkin’ about me . . . AKA: ‘lil ed?
    nitro (AKA: the bomb, ‘lil ed, breeze’s favorite)

  13. First and foremost, the picture on the blog made my day. At 7am, I logged on to see if there was going to be an alt and immediately my eyes focused on the picture.
    Second, big props to Stanley for making an appearance. He did an awesome job on his push jerks tonight.
    I was surprised at how easy I could push press 225 over my head. I guess it must be the creams and syringes I take prior to CrossFit.
    Just kidding,however, on a more serious note, I have to give Brad and Kim credit for being patient and awesome teachers. I know that some of my movements in particular my OHS make you all want to throw up but you all have never given up on me. The Olympic lift skill work is a great idea and I hope you all continue to introduce and review some of the other CrossFit movements in the upcoming months.

  14. Hey Nitro, Stanley is my twin. But you are my fellow warrior.
    It was great to see you Stanley, we all miss you when you are not here.
    Katie, great time! Very impressive.
    Peaches, you are soooooooo close on that MU. I def see a race between you and Katie on who gets it first. Also, remind me about your grip. I have an idea that might help you.
    I could go on about how good everyone looked and pushed themselves today, but my body and mind are starting to shut down now. My shoulders are fried and and I got this mark on my big-ass forehead.

  15. For those of you were wern’t there tonite…BIGed got on top of the pull up bars and did a handstand! Even crazier…i was the one who gave him the idea! The whole time I was just hoping that he signed a liability form!
    Thanks for the kind words Michael. You threw up 225 like it was nothin! Then Shandy came in and put up 235! Creating some real animals at cfnf! Way to go!

  16. Breeze….
    Enjoyed lunch, let’s just say our’s wasn’t as “zone friendly” as your wife’s was!
    Good to be back in and good to get a beat down by your trainer! It’s been a long time….jk!

  17. thanks big ed! it was a fun wod – and thanks to isaac who pushed me the whole freakin way! great competition.
    speaking of competition… peaches, it’s on. first one to get a MU wins 🙂

  18. also that is a pretty good-looking new toolbar at the top there. and i probably don’t say this enough, but thanks to kim and brad for the constant encouragement and support. you both always push me to do my best.

  19. Coach Kim was awesome today – thanks! Just need to remember to land in a squat and not try to push press the weight!
    Enjoyed lunch with ya Breeze!

  20. Wow, I like the new logo.
    Congrats to my wife Martine for getting her first pullup, I am so proud of my strong and fit wife.