DSC_0029 Proof Miguel keeps his deadlift close to his body.

Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

Post loads to comments.

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Saturday night at 7:30pm meet us at Loco's on Haynes Bridge to say farewell to Austin McLean who is leaving us to go to Officer Candidate School.

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  1. nice badge of honor, miguel!

  2. Great job am crew! Alt wod is 5 rounds of 7 pull ups or kb swing, 7 ball slams, 7 man makers. After the 6am crew I changed it to 5 rounds, however Double D says “grow a set and do seven!”

  3. ooooh…to make my body front squat today is gonna be tough. I may really take the day off today but we will see. I say that, then “someone” calls and says “hey want to work out”and I can’t say no.
    nice deads Miguel.

  4. Nice Miguel! I’m always skeered of doing that.
    Good workout this am. The man makers where getting difficult at the end.

  5. You are a beast!

  6. Ha! Thanks guys. The coolness factor of getting wounded* while working out is a good trade off 🙂
    *so long as it’s not a real injury

  7. The “science behind the fitness” geeks among us should find this interesting… I did: http://www.neatorama.com/2009/01/08/lowest-blood-oxygen-levels-ever-recorded/

  8. Well, double d inspired me to go ahead and do the seven rounds as opposed to the five, but yeah, the manmakers are a killer, but thanks kim for inspiring me to git er done at 7 am. So yay!

  9. I want a shirt so I can dress like Brad.

  10. Shandy…we all know Brad wears Cowboy boots and a straw hat with the price tag on it. It hides his mullet.

  11. Pebbles don’t forget the Brad Trego Belt! It’s just all so hot when he has it all on! makes me want to clog!

  12. JPO – are you a clogger?

  13. Only when I am at the beach and have had to much vodka!

  14. Wierd

  15. Double D – everyone did 7 rounds today to live up to your challenge!
    Kamilah – you better be at the gym at 10 tomorrow, or Katie and I are coming for you!

  16. yeah kamilah, be there or be square.
    good job today stacy! A+ performance 🙂

  17. Thanks Katie! You did great as well…that was a fun workout. Peggy you made us all look bad doing those man-makers! See you guys tomarrow at 10!