DSC_0050  Pebbles got her first Rx WOD on Monday!  Woo Hoo! 

HQ Rest Day.  Make up a missed workout or come see what's on the board.

Tee Shirt Virtual editedIf you want a shirt please order it NOW!  The shirt order must be in by the 15th. See Kim, Brad or Christy. 

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  1. That is Rx WOD with pull ups! I have done Rx WODs before ya know! 🙂
    But, yes my times will be going down in the near future as it takes me MUCH longer to do the pull ups with out the band. I think it took me 50 pull up attemps Monday night to get 36 actual pull ups!

  2. Thank you to CFNF for letting me hang out and get beat up this past week. I’m happy to know you guys are there whenever I come back home. Off to Germany tomorrow. Best of luck and game on!
    PS. Congrats on the rxd WOD Christy!

  3. Yay Pebbles (high pitched girly voice with a jump and clap right back at ya!)!

  4. Peggy. Let me make it clear that last nights girly voice jump and clap was from Pebbles. I would never publicly claim to do that. She stole my user name.

  5. Yeah, she told me. But if I recall, you did the girly voice jump and clap at the gym with me. Our little secret.
    Now it’s your turn to get the rope climb. You have until the end of the month.

  6. Way to go on those pull-ups Pebbles! And Peggy, the rope climb was very impressive! G-dog…up yours!

  7. What time is the Oly thing on the 17th and where is it?

  8. Peggy, the seminar is on the 17th at Flowery Branch High School. It starts at 9:00 am and finishes at 4:00 pm. You must have a deposit of 50 dollars postmarked no later than the 13th.
    I hope this helps.

  9. Congrats Pebbles! Good job on the sub 10 Rx Austin…thanks for the shoes. Good seeing you too, Pistol

  10. Nice work Austin. great time! I am teaching 6am but definitely taking tomorrow off. I feel wrecked!

  11. Otis the Pug says

    Hey everyone! Don’t think I can make the OLY cert too short! Anyway hope everyone enjoyed Furman at the gym yesterday. Max and I have been working with him so he could reach this goal in 2009.. looking forward to sniffing you next time I am at the BOX.

  12. Max the Boxer says

    Hey I heard that Furman made it to the gym! Otis and I are so proud of him…honestly, just glad we had some peace and quiet at home. Otis made taters…he can relate to them…I’m gonna do Helen, I mean Angie, I mean Mary. Heck…I’ll do em all. Hey, has anyone seen Chip…he’s dope.

  13. Furman the F#$CKer! says

    I’m a good boy!
    I’m a good boy!
    I’m a good boy!
    Ate dad’s shoe!
    I’m in lockdown again!

  14. Fur Monster says

    Anyone find surprise in the gym? Nothin a little clorox won’t clean up.

  15. Fur Monster says

    Why does daddy wear high heels? Mama Pistol can you tell me? they are so shiney!

  16. I’m surprised Furman was able to type with those crazy eyes for his.

  17. There is no drinking on the zone diet you guys!

  18. Austin McLean says

    Brad I already told you what I would do for you to get rid of your little problem.
    Just give me a gun and a reason 🙂