CrossFit 012 (2) 

One year ago, Hickey push presses 15lb dumbbells.  You've come a long way baby!

DSC_0047   HQ Rest Day.  Make up a missed workout or come see what's on the board.

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  1. look how skinny you were, thats a years worth of muscle you’ve put on. hickey you are a beast.
    great job this morning to everyone. Big class but we were able to fit everyone. Tough workout, and be ready to not feel your arms tomorrow.
    love austin

  2. Thanks Austin for the 6am leadership today.
    I already can’t feel or lift my arms.

  3. Wow! That’s really cool to see. I look so young! Thanks for posting that Kim.
    Well done everyone this morning. That workout was an absolute arm killer.

  4. Hahahah this photos amazing – look how weedy she was. She looks identical to her little sister Alice. Them 15 pounders look as though they’re about to snap her arms!
    Really tough workout today – it feels like an elephant is sat on my arms as i type this message! Thanks for the support from everyone! See you tomorow morning 😀

  5. Would you please post today’s workout? I can’t get in there today and want to try and modify it at home.
    Hicky – you look awesome – you can definitely see the change!

  6. The workout was 4 rounds for time of 400m run, 25 shoulder press (75/53), 25 Ring Dips

  7. Thanks Hicky!

  8. Lookin’ good Hicky! Don’t think I’d wanna fight ya!

  9. I am dragging A$$ today. The posts above are NOT making it encouraging to come in tonight. BUT I will see u at 6.
    Nice changes Hicky. Crossfit has done you well!!!

  10. Now I have a 6 o’clock appt.I hate to miss any WOD with push press but I will see you in the am.

  11. Did the alt wod today Running, DU’s, sit ups. Nice one to come back to. AND…extra bonus treat…Brad stopped by! Glad to have you back and pain free.
    Hicky…you just look fabuloso!
    Here’s hoping for a burpee free friday!

  12. Luna-Tic ought in for the BURPEE CHALLENGE ++

  13. Sorry Luna-Tic bought in for the BURPEE CHALLENGE

  14. Did the workout I made up tonight at 6. And it was certainly a doozy. 27 and change Rx. I have a feeling everyone who did that one will be having trouble tomorrow.
    awesome job 6pm crew. feel the burrrrn

  15. awesome job to the evening group!
    …not to make any excuses for myself, but i think the music selection largely impacted my performance. just saying.

  16. Gigi..beach bum says

    was it country???

  17. ha no, but good assumption. i think i’ve just gotten used to kim’s dance-ish music and now that brad is back (which is awesome, fyi), the gym sounds like it should have a mosh pit.
    small price to pay to have brad back!