No 9:30am Class Today


Five rounds for time of:
25 Inverted Burpees
25 Pull-ups
25 Burpees

Post time to comments. An alt WOD will be posted in the gym.  Burpee Challenge day 29. Buy in 406.


Team Devil Dogs is in the lead 27 to 25 as of Sunday.  Stay tuned. 

Check out todays results at

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  1. Go Team Devil Dogs!
    Today is the birthday of the United States Marine Corps! On 10 November 1775 the Second Continental Congress decided to raise two battalions of Continental Marines. It is custom to wish all Marines (active and former) a Happy Birthday.
    Marines are never called soldiers. They are called Marines and when writing the word it is always with a capital “M”.
    OOH-RAH !
    I will be at the 12:30 class to day. Schedule permitting, I will also try for 6:30 class. Then I have some meetings to attend. Later I will be in a bar with drink and cigars for as the birthplace of the United States Marine Corps was a bar called Tuns Tavern which was located in Philadelphia. Fred, what are your plans today?
    Go Team Devil Dogs!
    Semper Fidelis, Ed.

  2. Go Devil Dogs.
    Did some of the Inverted Burpees. They are not that hard but it is a extremely long work out. I opted for the alternate WOD. Nice one.
    12 rounds rx.
    Really enjoyed working with Xena and Bam Bam.
    Have fun Hicky on your trip.

  3. Big Ed,
    In honor of the USMC’s 233rd anniversary, CrossFit Wilmington came up with a pretty cool workout
    For time
    * 50 burpees
    * 50 pull ups
    * 50 wall ball shots
    * 50 push press (95 – m / 65 – f)
    * 33 deadlift (185 – m / 95 – f)
    Just an idea. I am thinking about doing this later on tonight.

  4. Well, I made it to the gym today. Did the alt WOD Rx’d at 15 rds. The 20lb med. ball cleans got tiring. I think I’ve gotten worse at burpees.
    Tks Michael for the info, the 33 reps of 185 lb deadlifts would be pretty hard for me. If you add up the total number of reps, it comes to 233. To day is the 233rd Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.
    I put another MOH citation on the wall today. Colonel Fox is one of the very few people who have received the MOH and lived. I actually met him in the late 1980s when I was under his command. The man was very intimidating. He chewed out my buddy for not having his s*** together. We ragged on my buddy for a week how he was the only that day to get chewed out by a MOH recipient.
    Craig, tks for the mix. I am listening to it right now and it rocks.
    Crazy bitch, you know I love you!
    Go Team Devil Dogs!
    Semper Fidelis, Ed.

  5. Nadler, wild thing, crazy bitch says

    Ed, I love you too!! You are inspiring and fun to work out with.

  6. i feel the love in this club.
    would someone mind posting the alt wod? thanks!
    go team devil dogs! see you guys tonight.

  7. GND – 5 burpees / 7 HSPU / 9 medicine ball cleans. AMRAP in 20 minutes.

  8. Hey Peggy! We miss you…hope your doing well!

  9. Aww Breeze, do you really miss me (or were you just being polite?). I’ll be back on Nov 22. What days are you guys open the week of Thanksgiving? Sebastian has his final treatment on Nov 24, and then I’m taking the rest of the week off!
    I think Ed has way too much time on his hands because everytime I check the blog, he’s written a novel.
    Hicky – I’m so sorry I missed the big fight – from the sound of it, you did awesome!

  10. i would like any and all videos of our people doing inverted burpees to be posted, asap. πŸ™‚

  11. What team is winning now as of Mon. 8:11

  12. As of today, Devil Dogs are in the lead at 56 to 52.

  13. Good job devil dogs! Word on the street is that my wife Martine will be joining us tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  14. Great effort today Team Devil Dogs! I finally made it into the gym. Sorry about the weekend, but my job precludes me from making any weekend classes. But I added a 2nd WOD today to help make up for the weekend.
    Ed’s helpful hint #2: When doing burpees, do not substitute beer for water. It kinda slows you down.
    Semper Fidelis, Ed.