5:00pm class canceled today.


FRIDAY 100108

Power clean 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Post loads to comments.

Compare to 090512.

Keggers vs. Winos at CrossFit North Fulton from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.

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  1. An alt WOD will be posted as well.

  2. PS. Love the link back Pistol. Now I can see easily what I did last time. Cool! Plus it was right before a challenge so there is lots of SMACK on the BLOG. Go figure!

  3. Seriously…why couldn’t this be tomorrow…I bet tomorrow will be 30 MU’s

  4. I love Fine Wine!

  5. You might get lucky Stringer. CF HQ seems to go in weekly cycles. This past week was a lot of metcons. The previous week was a lot of fairly heavy lifting.

  6. I can’t wait to see the Wino’s video! Bring it on!

  7. That video was rude, out of line and offensive. … and I loved it.
    Of course that means that I have more ammunition against all of you.

  8. Class of 93. Let’s go Danes.

  9. You are making me older than I really am. Proud class of 1995 BTW.
    Also you and Blake looked like you were having way too much fun in the squat scene. You are either really good actors or you have tried that Brokeback thing before.
    Still Oscar caliber work.

  10. Incredible character development! Director deserves some recognition.
    It’s just amazing to see how these kids can use those computers.
    24 more hours is all these ole’ bottles need to keep aging before there gonna be opened to breathe!!

  11. Just absolutely one of the funniest things ever.OMG when Blake (I men Brad) drank that beer….I just fell out and Kimmi…hysterical. Pebbles was just a star! Kudos on the video but your still gonna get your 35 AND UNDER ASSES KICKED!!!!!!
    Game on BIATCHES!!!!

  12. 34 & under!

  13. ok. 34 and under!!!!

  14. Somehow I saw that coming. Kankles, I want my shorts back!

  15. Oh yeah, I never prance around biatches.

  16. Bring it…can’t wait until tomorrow! Oh yeah and 300 today on power clean.

  17. not bad

  18. Sweet.

  19. ahahahha ed, nothin but love. i need to keep training so i can look as good as you in those shorts!

  20. hehehehhehe…..
    damn i miss you guys!!!