_DSC0003Nice Push Press, Kimi!

Day 2!  


For time:
150 Wallball shots, 20 pound ball

Post time to comments.

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  1. I’ll be back on Friday to help represent Afternoon Delight! Interesting how the team with the least amount of trash talking seems to be in the lead… I guess everyone else is just overcompensating! The spreadsheet speaks for itself…

  2. I’m looking forward to this WOD. Brad is still the man to beat! I still suck at Karen, but I have improved a little on my WBs. I probably won’t place, But I am looking forward to getting a PR on this WOD.

  3. Nice pic Kimmi!

  4. haha my shorts are doing something weird

  5. I wasn’t going to say anything, hahaha.

  6. Now that WOD just hurts! Hate to miss it.
    When you do this one, see how many WB’s you can
    get in a row. Aim really high and surprise yourself!
    See you AMers at 6!

  7. stupid poofy running shorts hahaha. THANKS KIM.

  8. Nice job hitting the bull Jpo. Way to go Allen on your first Karen. RX at 11.11 …..not bad!
    It was tough but The AMers pushed thru this morning.

  9. Thanks Pebbles!!
    Can you say I HATE KAREN!!!!
    Sorry I missed the vote on this one!

  10. You PMers that voted to do this workout last night will be seriously regretting your choice about 3 minutes in…. This is one of my least favourite workouts! Let’s hope for something nice like murph tomorrow!

  11. humble pie, steph! how do you think this war started?

  12. anyone that did Pebbles’ “Time Trials” did Karen less than a week ago. It’s tough. Sure don’t want to “criticize” a work out ever again on this board, but, for me, I’m passing today. Karen twice within 5 days just sounds like something I’d rather not do. Good luck to the nooners crowd.

  13. Vote??? What vote? I was there last night didn’t hear bout no vote.

  14. Andy…come in and pick something off the board, you will still get a participation point

  15. I didn’t realize that.  I might do that then, although, I’m pretty darn beat.  I haven’t had a day off since last Thursday.

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  17. Thanks! It was nice meeting you this morning. This workout sucks. Hopefully there are some DLs or BSs in the near future. Then, MAYBE I could get some extra points for the AMers.

  18. yeah a bunch of us missed the boat on voting.
    i always think of dane cook whenever karen comes up. every group has a karen 🙂

  19. Peggalicious says

    The vote was on the blog last night – there wasn’t a big turnout.

  20. We have 2 more tickets to Judas Priest tonite thanks to Stanley….let me know if you wan’em!

  21. Karen’s a bitch! Sheri and I did it during time trials and it wasn’t fun then and it wasn’t fun this morning. But JPo killed it – she hit that damn bull every time! I’m proud of you, girl! You are an inspiration! Go AM!!!

  22. See this is what Twitter is good for. If we all had twitter(like I do). Someone could’ve tweeted that there was a poll and we would’ve all participated.
    Come on.. Even Oprah has twitter, as well as my father-in-law. Time to get on the boat people.

  23. Just to get the ball rolling, my twitter name is @csh8428

  24. Where are all my teammates today? Yall suck…but not as bad as Karen does….8:22, which of you PMSers are going to beat me today?

  25. 1. I suck at wall-ball
    2. I have a mid-grade fever (100.something)
    3. I’m going to try to beat you but if I don’t I know GND will
    4. I might try a muscle-up too…do I get points if I make it? (um, I’ve tried once ever)

  26. Your earning points everyday you attend which sounds like
    it is way more than what the lunch bunch is doing today!
    I feel some deads coming on soon.

  27. I don’t think I can throw
    10 ft in the are 150 times in less than 8:22

  28. I think G-dog has a better chance throwing YOU 10 ft in the air 150 times!

  29. Sure you can — treat it like FGB and aim for 20 every minute. Of course, I take smoke breaks between each set of 20…I’m just that good.

  30. Ok – I can barely walk…Karen sucks.

  31. Dude. Would love to have been there, but that is the dumbest WOD EVER!!!!!
    Yep I dogged the WOD and I just signed up at Lifetime!!!
    The best part Breeze is while everyone (except you) is walking with a limp tomorrow and Saturday I will be strolling along doing the Stanley Shuffle…..and still beating everyone who did Karen.

  32. Ouch… My shoulders are fried!!

  33. Finally! Been trying to get rid of you for two years! Yes people, G-dog has been working out with me for two years! He is my most regressed client.

  34. Don’t forget I put on 20 lbs.
    Too bad the ball didn’t hit you in the head today.

  35. if you get a muscle up i will cut you.
    i mean that in the nicest way possible.

  36. I would have to agree.

  37. yes, yes it does. And I haven’t even done it yet today.

  38. So far I am first loser today! GND, gonna make me 2nd loser?

  39. My time sucked…11:51rx…last time in March..11:43..didn’t PR and didn’t hit my goal of 10 minutes…workout was fine and nothing hurts but I took too MANY breaks and wish now I would have just got through it..mentally wasn’t prepared…BUT do get participation points for the NOONERS….was definitely a LIGHT crowd today…but still have five days left..looking forward to Friday being a BIG crowd….no matter the WOD …Sammy and Spider…lets get busy…got some making up to do…Also, where’s AMY, AMANDA, LARRY, ANTON, MEATBALL, need NEED everyone involved..still think the nooners will be celebrating at the end!!!

  40. dude that is an awesome time

  41. My time sucked more. Added 4 min to my time from March :(. I guess that’s what happens when you take the summer off!

  42. I hate to inform you but Meatball has changed teams once again I heard she was going to be a PMer to bad to sad for her…

  43. Participation points? Really? There are twice as many classes in both the AM and PM. Is like one of those leaugues where EVERYbody gets a trophy at the end?
    Sorry Nooners – Sammy and I traveling for work – next Tuesday/Wednesday too. Maybe we’ll get ribbons…

  44. i decided not to get the muscle-up today.
    thought “GND straight-up murdered her ass” wouldn’t look good on the tombstone.

  45. “that sucked more than anything that has ever sucked before”

  46. i tried! it worked the other way around, i took second loser 🙂

  47. Great job to everyone you completed “Karen” today. I think that is one of the most mentally tough wods we do. It starts hurting a 50 and you’re only 1/3 done and the 2nd and 3rd thirds hurts more if you know what I mean. See yall tomorrow!

  48. Much better showing today from the Nooners! We need to keep this up so we can beat the other teams. Nothing is better than coming from behind and crushing your opponents dreams and hopes.
    By the way, even though Miguel is a commie bastard, he had a huge PR today!

  49. Actually we gave her a million dollar signing bonus….shes a nooner

  50. oh really? Where’s the check?

  51. Actually it was cash…and what makes you think you would ever see any money I gave your wife!

  52. Thanks man.. I think you’re an imperialist infidel, but thanks for keeping me focused. Glad to have counted you on this WOD.