_DSC0002_edited-1  Nice Handstand Christy!

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. gorgeous handstand, christy! you have also inspired steph and me to try the burpee challenge as well. for anyone else who might be interested, we are thinking about doing 100 burpees for time tonight and then starting the challenge with 1 burpee tomorrow.
    think about it – the 100 days of burpees will end at the end of may… here comes summer… your burpee’d body will look brawny and/or beautiful 🙂

  2. Katie,
    Sounds like a good idea. If you like, I could set up a GoogleDoc so everyone can track their burpees.

  3. Sure, feel free to be the Burpee Master. That would be awesome.

  4. 100 burpees… here we come! I’m excited now… just wait until tonight when I get to #5… probably not so excited then 🙂

  5. Now that I have a work schedule where I can follow the 3-1-3-1 Crossfit program I intend to follow it as closely as possible. In other words, I ain’t doing anything today unless I have to (job). I’ll be in tomorrow to hit it hard.
    On another note, any CFNF group WODs (like drinking at a bar) tomorrow night to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? I’m not Irish but I am Catholic so it’s kinda the same thing.
    100 day burpee challenge? I might pass on that one.

  6. hmm… i could drink a few beers tomorrow. i don’t even need an excuse, but i look irish, at least.

  7. Another challenge is awesome! I was glad I did it and I do think it helped me get my first pullup. Can I join the challenge but do 100 days of pushups? Really working on touching my nose to the floor 🙂

  8. Great WOD today! Nice job, Breeze & Spider, even though Spiders phone was totally effing up the rotation..Had a blast working out with the girls at 1:30 and listening to Hagler say F$#k this S(*&! and This S(*& sucks and this S%$# is hard! 15:57 for me, head to floor but think i coulda finished 30 seconds earlier if Hagler hadn’t made me laugh so much. I blame her!
    Joy’s pull ups were rockin today and holy shit, Sniper got her butterfly!

  9. Should I even bother asking…..
    What’s the wod?

  10. I dont remember JT taking so long…probably wasnt goin head to floor back then.
    DJ….come n to see!

  11. WOD makes no difference to me. I will always show up schedule permitting. I just want to know so I can figure out what excuses will work best when I’m there.

  12. For the record, J.T. and I are NOT friends!!!!Great job Pistol…I need lots of work on HSPU and ring dips…and my cursing…

  13. Here is the link for burpee/pushup challenge
    If interested, add your name to the list.

  14. Burpees sound good to me!
    Nice to see Xena and crew at 7am. I did Filthy Fifty as my alt WOD as I did JT yesterday. My shoulder are shot! I am obsessed with ring dips so I really like J.T.
    I watched 8:30 as I trained my Mom and you guys worked hard! Heather, your arms look amazing (your too Mark).
    I am also loving handstands.Been holding them each day for time. Ed has been helping me. Thanks Ed!
    Nice one Trego!
    See you guys tomorrow. I am going to make some of those tape thingies before I attempt Eva this week. That is my procrastination for now 😉

  15. Thanks for setting up the Google doc! Looks sweet.

  16. With you breeze…took forever! Trying to figure out how I’m gonna be able to lift my arms to drink beer tomorrow!