DSC_0002 Nice finish, Bill!

No Strength WOD today.  Met Con & Gymnastic Only

5 Rounds for time of:

6 muscle ups/6 clean and jerks  (135,95)

Post time to comments.


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  1. The Olympic Lifting class was outstanding. Thanks to Kim and Brad for the additional coaching and extra scrutiny. It’s pretty awesome when you start a class sucking at a lift (the Snatch) and feel pretty good about it walking out the door. I need a lot more work but regardless it was very beneficial. I definitely got better today.
    I’m heading out of town for a couple months – traveling back to Africa for few weeks. It has been a fantastic time being back with my favorite people. CF has really become a huge part of my life. Maybe I’ll start CF Uganda! I’ll be back in time hopefully for the CrossFit Football cert with Brad and G-Dog in late April. Everyone take care. Also, I will first be in DC for a couple weeks preparing for Africa. Please feel free to contact me by phone or e-mail whenever. You can always communicate with me on YourTownSpace.com or Facebook : )

  2. good luck in Africa dude!

  3. Good Luck!

  4. Good luck man!

  5. fun workout today…..enjoyed seeing scruffy, miguel, sammy, spider at lunch class today…..felt like old times…..thanks for the instruction on the clean and jerk…kim….u were patient with the peanut gallery today….

  6. ps…..I did 95 pound clean and jerk….pull ups and dips (thin purple band for dips)…instead of muscle ups…time 21 and some change…I am
    starting to like the clean and jerks…..CRAZY…I know!!!

  7. Thanks everyone for a fun class, my first official lunch time group WOD.

  8. Good to be with ya’ll nooners…..Hags, Spidey, Miguel, Scruff, Robert, Meats, even you Brad and Kim….you don’t realize how bad you miss CF until you are out for three weeks. Back felt strong and completed this workout RX….Don’t ask me my time, but first time for me to finish a 30MU workout and was pleased after the time off.

  9. Great job on your first group WOD! You smoked it!

  10. Nice job, I was impressed! That’s the secret, huh? Take three weeks off and then come do 30 muscle ups that you couldn’t do before, hmmm.

  11. Yep, just take off CF for three weeks and sign up at Lifetime…..
    Jk, it was really that I went to the roid ranch to recover from the back…I think sometimes a little rest does the body good 😉

  12. Hagler you are a beast, you did awesome with the 95 lbs. Thanks for helping me though the tough workout.

  13. ^ post above is Miguel’s

  14. you did great and are looking beautiful…glad to have you in class…..you have been working really hard and it shows….welcome…lunchtime crowd brings it!!!!!!!