DSC_0019  Nice Ball Slams, Lails!

1 round for time:
100 squats
90 double unders
80 push ups
70 sit ups
60 jumping pull ups
50 thrusters (45,33)
40 good mornings
30 box jumps
20 ring dips

 DSC_0006                                                                                       Farewell drinks are tonight at Loco's on Haynes Bridge for Austin.  7:30pm                

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  1. Nice WOD Brad and Pistol.
    See you guys later.
    I am going to plan on running at a track tomorrow if anyone wants to go. I want to work on getting faster on my 400 and 800. I am going to take GND’s advice and work on repeated distances on a track every few minutes. This combined with zoning should help this Spring. Although I don’t have my picture and stats up, I am zoning for a long time this winter and Spring. I look forward to improvements.
    great job DD, Jpo and Xena. You guys have great form.

  2. Yeah Pebbles! Let me know what time you might go and I could meet you at a track.
    Well done, everyone at 10 am. See you people tonight!

  3. I have to work at stoney river tonight …but I am getting off early… I will stop by after work and see if any of you guys are still around….Hagler

  4. Just a reminder ladies, have your check in the mail by Tuesday the 13th for Coach Stockel’s seminar. The deposit needs to be 50 dollars.