Three rounds, 21-15- and 9 reps, for time of:
95 pound Thruster

Post time to comments.

IMG_0836  This Warrior was getting rough with the opposing team!  Stay tuned for Xena’s rebuttal.

UPDATE! Warriors 163….Jack Stack 171. Bring your A game tomorrow CFNF!!

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  1. Gdog you insipre me…JACK STACK! JACK STACK! JACK STACK!!!! PS:You should try some Hard Core it helps with recovery!

  2. It’s Fran!!!

  3. I saw it too! YIKES!

  4. I mean “her” I saw HER too.
    Interesting article on Fran in CF Journal written by co-owner of CrossfitStatesboro btw

  5. Is 95 pounds the rx weight for both women and men…

  6. 65 for female
    321 go………

  7. I can’t believe I am saying this..but kind of excited about this workout..ONLY 21-15-9…just kidding, it will be tough, no doubt..but up for the challenge..see everyone tomorrow..

  8. What time Hagler ????

  9. So do we know the where the teams stand as of yesterday????

  10. Way to rally the team G-dog – Jack Stack rules!
    I’m bummed I’m missing Fran!

  11. kim said 1:30 today…

  12. kim said 1:30 today

  13. Cool . I’m gonna male that too
    Sent from my iPhone

  14. That does not look like a well-defined Crossfit butt! Kim, Brad yall got some work to do on me! Oh yeah, and if i could keep a fork out of my mouth that would help too! Thanks for coming last night, Kim. My name lives on as Wild Thing!!

  15. Great job this morning, Heather and Mark!
    Fred, great working out with you, even if you are on the other team. Congrats on your first Rx’d Fran.
    I’m pretty proud of my Rx weight on thrusters…need to get those pull ups down, though…once I get Fran completely Rx’d my times should stop going up hahaha
    Wild Thing, I am appalled at your behavior. And being hung over from your birthday party is not a good excuse not to come in and do Fran today. We need the points for the Warriors!

  16. Fred, I am so proud of fran rx…way to go..

  17. I thought you pooper looked great…Keep crossfitting wild thing..I need the entertainment..

  18. Greetings from Colorado! It snowed about 6 inches last night and it’s still snowing now – the temperature is -9 degrees!!
    Let me just say that Stacy and Craig can kick my butt on some moguls. I got down the mountain Katie-style (meaning tumbling and flailing every which way) a few times yesterday trying to keep up with them. But on smooth, packed powder, I’m the quickest 🙂
    We’re all sad about missing Fran. Definitely miss you guys though. Post some team score updates please!

  19. Way to go Fred on the RX Fran. Yay!!!!

  20. Here’s a link for the video if you can’t see it:
    Also, Pistol, you left yourself signed into typepad from my phone… Muhahaha*.
    *I’d never mess w/ a woman that can squat more than I can. =)

  21. It was a planned hangover, today is my REST day! Thank you very much. I will be there in am.

  22. Thanks hagler. Who refers to a butt as “pooper”? That is just wrong. But I am glad you think it looked great!

  23. Hey Garrett, you might wanna get your money back. I saw the video of you hitting your triceps, only thing is I couldn’t tell if you have triceps. I kept looking and even zoomed in, but alas, just could never see any real development those girly arms of yours (by the way ladies, there is nothing wrong with girly arms unless you are a 200 lb.+ man).
    Fred, even though you have lost your Warrior status (really don’t know how you can look at yourself in the mirror), great job on getting the Rx today!

  24. that’s breeze’s line…we always tell morley she has a nice pooper..

  25. Breeze + Pistol, my name is Mike and I’m best buds with Nitro and Xena. I’m stuck on the Left Coast in a distant CrossFit “Warrior’s” outpost. With all the smack talk flying about, I can no longer stand by silently. I must come to the defense of the Warrior Princess Xena! Can I get in on this battle!
    I’ll be hitting Fran hard…3-2-1-Go!

  26. Woo Hoo! Big Fat PR’s today for everyone! Simon did 65lb thrusters, Hagler Rx’d in 12:02, Pebbles Rx’d in 7:21 (might be 7:18), Breeze Rx’d at 6:21! Heather and Mark Demis also Rx’d their first Fran today too!
    Mike, you can smack talk all you want!

  27. so, as foot soldier to Goddess Xena,
    i hereby decree that West Coast Mike becomes a Warrior.
    and his points belong to Xena.
    Because i personally know that West Coast Mike can totally kick G-Dogs Cross Dress ass.
    and, Xena should win additional points for being ingenious enough to recruit national talent.
    Xena Rules.
    a big fist pump to heather + mike for racking up points for the Princess. Booyah!
    Go Warriors!
    nitro (the bomb)

  28. i must be smokin,’
    i had WC Mike on the mind.
    visions of him kicking G-Dogs tail.
    sorry Mark D.
    my fist pump was meant for you + heather.
    you guys rock.
    awesome meeting you today.
    Team Pink Powder – take tomorrow off.

  29. Good job to all my Warriors today. Your princess if pleased. She is expecting great things of all of you tomorrow as well. The time is drawing close to bring this war to a conclusion and I continue to feel that we can bring our enemy to their knees in one great final battle.
    Big shout out to my West Coast Warrior SIr Mike of Orange County. You, my friend, ROCK.
    Awesome job to all you RX’rs. Xena can only hope one day to be you.

  30. I am sooo excited for everyone this week. You guys are amazing. MAJOR PR’s set this week. I have really enjoyed this team challenge. I pushed myself and you guys pushed me like I needed to.
    PISTOL made FRAN her Biiiaaatch today.. 4:28 (or maybe 4:18) but it ROCKED. Way to go.
    YAY to Jpo and Hgaler at 1:30 for the RX Fran.
    YAY to everyone who made gains with Fran

  31. For the Warriors and Xena from her Left Coast evil minion.
    Fran as Rx’d…6:24. Not bad for an old dude!