Monday WOD


Four rounds for time of:
Run 400 meters
50 Squats

Post time to comments.

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  1. Ugh…brutal for me today. My arms and pride are shot (L-pull-ups are no joke).

  2. Good job 7 am crew! Wait, there was no crew, there was just Xena and Pebbles. So good job us!! Way to go Pebbles, your L pullups were a study of perfection that I aspire to. I’m gonna work on Nitro and Bam Bam for Wednesday!!!

  3. That’s right Xena. It was me and you. Hope to see everyone Wednesday. Xena, you did a great job and finished way before me! Awesome. Thanks for the props. Your such a good motivator.
    Brad, maybe you need to take Hagler’s class to protect your self from unmentioned family members.

  4. The above comment is from Pebbles not Gdog. Some one used my Mac this morning!

  5. gigi...burpee & manmaker hater says

    gigi out….maybe next week will be better.

  6. Breeze, I always have time for you… Heard about the black eye… We have matching black eyes, people might talk!!! if I can give you any advice…keep your hands up and leave pistol alone!!! See u in the morning..thanks for the props Pebbles!!! Hagler

  7. jenny.... Jpo says

    Pistol are you beating brad again? I thought we have talked about this before…control is our friend or was it Otis who gave Brad a black eye scandal either way!
    PS: Brad you are having a self defense class this week maybe you should go!

  8. Gigi...Burpee hater..all forms and variations says

    someone PLEASE take a pic!!

  9. sweet new toolbar

  10. Breeze knocked this one out of the park. RX was really RX.
    Nice job…. Breeze

  11. Thanks g-dog…nice to see so many people up against the wall for their hspu!
    Gigi…suppose i deserved that. Missed you today anyway.