Monday WOD


Run a 5k.

Alternate WOD will be posted in the gym.

Post time to comments.

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  1. jenny.... Jpo says

    Nice Form RX Girl!!!

  2. Fun workout today . . . even got Eddie aka “Nitro” to do a little running with me . . .had a blast Saturday night with all you party people . . . what about our server? he was awesome, or should I say he had us ROFL-ing!!:) Nitro and Xena are gonna try to do the 545 workout tomorrow as we’re leaving Wed for the beach so wish us luck!!!

  3. Awesome alternate WOD. It was JT. That is a “can’t use the blow dryer afterward” kind of WOD. Way to go Eddie with the best time and doing another round and running……your a stud.Xena, Joy and Julie did a great job too. next time I want you all upside down on the wall next tot me.
    My time was infinity x 3.
    I had a blast Saturday. Thanks everyone for sharing your time with me. I really enjoyed seeing you all. We should go out again in the near future.
    I hear it is Sammy’s Birthday and Anniversary this week. Congrats.
    See you tomorrow.

  4. Missed you guys Saturday – happy birthday Pebbles…know what you mean – arms are blown out – whoa. Later.

  5. Hope you guys had a fun day. We rented bikes and rode all over this damn island (we got lost!) Thinking we may go kayaking tomorrow! TTFN TTYL (I did those for the Donald)

  6. I want to be at the beach with the Pistol and the boys!! Hope you are having fun! Missed class today but brad and Kim I do not want you to fall out of your seats …I did the workout when I got home (pebbles filled me in on it) and went for a walk/job in the neighborhood!! scary I guess getting older is affecting me! Anyway see you tomorrow!! Kim you and the boys have fun tell Brad’s dad to go and get you some pimento chz and fritos yummy!!!
    Also everyone who came out on Saturday Thanks! made for a great Bday!

  7. That would be a walk/jog I guess I have the job on my mind!! hahaha

  8. Austin M says

    Fun workout(s)today (JT and then Grace). Good job to everyone, JT was scary hard on your arms.
    Kim hope y’all are having fun at the beach. A side note…I have moved into the changing room, sleeping is a bit difficult but I will manage. Hope its ok!

  9. made it to st. Maarten….only thing is my bag didn’t! Way to go delta…only one of two bags got here. Fortunately it was mine not kari’s…I’ll look much better in an airbrushed t-shirt than she would.
    I am going to try a wod at the resort gym….by the looks of the pace down here, heavy physical exertion might be the only thing that is illegal!
    See yall when we get back….hope I don’t still have the same underwear on!