Monday WOD


5 Rounds for Time

1 Hang Squat Clean – 10 Front Squats

1 Snatch – 10 Over Head Squats

20 Ball Slams

Post time to comments.

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  1. ********peeking*******
    not too bad…..or are you gonna change it on me?
    Mr or Mrs. T gonna come play at 12:30?
    Jenny??? Tim??? Bueller…Bueller.

  2. That was water in the that bottle….Way to push it this morning Christy. Whit…great job buddy, you’re a trooper!

  3. I will see you at 12:30!!!!!

  4. Just for the record…I beat Brad’s time today….yeah!! Who the girl…I’M THE GIRL…who the girl…..that would be Meeeeeee!
    The other Cheri kicked both our butts though! I’m still relishing in my victory. I feel a trend coming on…
    p.s. Petition being drawn up to bring back the green band!!

  5. Hey, today’s blog is a crock. There is RUNNUNG in there. Don’t let them fool you. It is a surprise. 5 200M sprints thrown in there. Feeling great today. Could do that work out again.
    Brad you suck. Just have not said that in a while. Hoping to start a trend again.
    Got the CrossFit Holiday Card. Thanks Kim and Brad. You guys look hot on the beach! 🙂 Very Motivating.

  6. Glad to see this website has turned back into the Brad bashing website! I’m O.K. with it as long as it makes y’all feel better bout yourselves!

  7. I feel better.

  8. I feel great!!! Better than I did yesterday, as a matter of fact!
    p.s. beat his time too!!

  9. Yipeeee!!!

  10. My first official Crossfit class! And it kicked my butt! I feel awesome! Brad and Kim, you ROCK!

  11. Awesome job tonight Julian. YOU ROCK!!! Hope to see you again soon! I feel better too! I’ll try not to sneak anything in tomorrows blog NOT!