Monday – The Open Starts This Week! Happy Birthday Peggy Hellen!


Back Squat




100 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

Post load/time to comments.  You have until February 26th at 5PM Pacific Time to register for the Open!  CFNF will opt in for workout 1.  Judging will be held on Thursday evening and Saturday.  Please check the schedule and reserve your time slot.

Spartans Fight!  Join Team CFNF for some obstacles and fun in Conyers.  Register here.  

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  1. HAGS, I’m out today. Be back Tuesday.

  2. Big day today, very happy.
    Did some one rep maxes just to see where I am and to have numbers to base things off post Open.
    Back Squat 360lbs, failed at 365lbs
    Shoulder Press 190lbs, failed at 192lbs
    Did a hybrid of “Angie” – 30CTB PU’s, 50 Hand release Push-Ups, 30 GHD’s, 50 squats 5.14.
    Back in tomorrow for one rep max deadlift.

  3. Yay Ben. I was glad to be there to see you. Nice to see your hard work pay off.

  4. Great job Ben!!! Can’t wait to see your dead number.