Monday-Rest Day


Nice Form Edye!!!!

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  1. Put me on the DL today. Kim, you have mail 🙂
    Happy workouts!!

  2. Thanks for the great workout today Brad!!!!! You whipped my butt…See you tomorrow Cheri 🙁

  3. Well, Brad finally beat me today…..I knew it was coming, it was just a matter of time. It’s a sad day in the Trego casa.

  4. Go Brad! Hey, was this for a WOD or beer drinking contest?

  5. Kim I learned that every once in a while you have to let other win to keep them motivated! So I understand why you let brad beat your time! Can’t always be the best!

  6. Not only did I beat my wife (that didn’t sound good)….I smoked her! Cheri..missed u today and thanx for the treats. What time is dinner?

  7. Today’s workout killed me..I went home and thought I was going to puke…whomever decided that combo was good scares me…I did make it but i am just saying it was a hard one coming off the weekend! Thanks Kim!