Monday Rest Day


If today isn’t your rest day your WOD will be:

30 wall ball/20 kb swings/10 box jumps/400 m run

3 rounds for time.

  Post time to comments.

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  1. Great Workout today. Leanne, Julie and Joy worked hard. You guys don’t look like you just started Crossfit. It was great to see a 7am crowd.
    G-dog. Awesome shoulder presses. Shoulder Press 185; Push Press 215 and Push Jerk 205. Very Impressive.
    20:06(?) on my work out today.(35# KBS and 12# WB) I am sure Sammy and Long Tall Salley or Kim Possible will be in to do it in half the time later.

  2. Nice work (as always!) Pebbles. Will see early in the a.m. tomorrow if you are getting up early.

  3. Pebbles says

    Yep, gonna be there early Charlie. Gonna have to wake up at 5 to down some java to be ready for 6am!

  4. Pebbles, the class starts at 5:45 am on Tuesdays! See you bright and early!