Monday – Day 3 of 12! – Happy Birthday Amanda!

That's a hot mess…

HQ Rest day.  CFNF Alt WOD:

15 Min AMRAP


10 SDHP 75/55

15 Double Unders

Post rounds to comments.

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  1. Was hoping to start to play today but it does not look like that is going to happen.
    Stay Warm!

  2. Looking forward to this one. See you all at lunch.

  3. 6am was interesting to say the least. LA was in rare form. Let’s just leave it at that.

  4. Jenny Schroeder says

    Nice photo Brad…… is that your best Otis impression?

  5. With the look on his face I am thinking it might be Furman…

  6. Good work out today! 13rnds +1 RX. Tired pretty badly from 8 rnds in, but was able to keep going despite a Bostic onslaught near the end. Another 5 mins and I would have been struggling.
    Team Andy, please make sure you are hitting the gym whenever possible. It’s the participation points not the winning of an individual WOD that is going to win this challenge. Hope to see more of you tomorrow!

  7. Great job Ben! You are a fast man on those DU’s!!!
    Really great to see all all my team members out at Lunch! We are getting some serious points today!
    Was really great to see the new warm-up option on the board (Ed’s warm up). Spealler has his own warm up and it was about time Ed had his own!

  8. I’m going to be out for this challenge. Need to heal this hip flexor that has been a problem for a while.
    I hate to miss it. I LOVE the challenges. They really push you to do better.
    Great job CFNF.

  9. Hey Assholes, I did a good job today too! Nice job Ed & Tom D!

  10. Did you work out today? Just kidding, as I said at lunch, nice job. 10rnds is awesome considering your DU’s weren’t working as usual. Good job blocking Bostic too. LOL! Way to play for the team.

  11. Breeze, Ed’s not hiding behind you on that photo is he? LOL!

  12. Lets hope Ed was not using Brad as a stand-in for one of those boxes he “stretches” on.

  13. She had even Doc speechless. I hope she wakes up early again tomorrow to get a drink of water… and ends up at the gym.

  14. exactly my fear…