Monday – Congrats Murph & Ed!


Allison & Peaches make a great team!

"Tabata This"

With a continuously running clock do 4 minutes at each station.  8 rounds of 20 seconds work / 10 seconds rest.  Score is total reps.

Pull Ups

Push Ups (Make it pretty)

Sit Ups (Elbows pass the knees, head touches the mat)


Post total reps to comments.


Big Dawgs:

Eight rounds for max reps of:
Muscle-ups, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds
135 pound Clean and jerk, 20 seconds
Rest 10 seconds

Post total muscle-ups and total clean and jerks to comments.


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  1. Ben, Did we make it to the next round? Has the next wod been posted and what’s the due date? I’m hit and miss this week so let me know please and thank you.
    Congratulations to the brides and grooms this weekend!!!

    • pizza. if it’s in season, then chesey bites. if not, then pan pizza from pizza hut. nothing fancy. i just like the greasiness of the crust. dip that bad boy in marinara sauce and it becomes the landlord of my mouth. together, the combination of pizza crust & sauce tastes like a unicorn jumping over a double rainbow, and all your favorite musicians collaborate on a song just for you.

  2. We have a few people out of town all week. Thinking of postponing till next weed so that everyone may participate…..thoughts? Anyone?

    • Hey congrats. I threw some votes your way. If I ever leave the iocblcek known as Long Island NY and head west Ill be sure to say hey to you guys. Im hoping to compete in worlds next year so for sure if I see you folks Ill say hello. Merry Christmas to my Stronghold friends and keep posting those great vids.

  3. I’m in town through Wednesday next week then out for 15 days in Cambodia. The way Britt is going, she just might drag me along for another round which would cut our team in half for the remainder. Glad to take a substitute if we win one more.

    • STRENGTH: 105# 12 x 2 on 0:45 Rx’dCF: 11:35 Rx’dRight wrist is still broken & hienalg slowly; was able to have my hands flat on the floor for the first time in 5 wks during the HSPUs. Excited about that.I also did a few show-off snatches at the globo gym Hit a 115# PR (did it several times), felt easy & fast. Can’t wait to hit a ME Snatch day for 1RM.

  4. I say hold off for a week and let everyone compete heads up. The break shouldn’t really affect anything too greatly. Knowing the WOD would be fun though to peak the anticipation over the next week?