DSC_0011 Jon strikes a pose.


Back Squats bodyweight<\p>

CTB Pull ups<\p>

Box Jumps

Post time to comments.

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  1. really fell off the deep end on spring break..gained 5 pounds I think…(that sucks)…looking forward to some great workouts this week…see everyone at lunch!

  2. I missed Fight Gone Bad this weekend and the whiteboard this morning showed many others did too. Anyone up for getting a group together for a make up? Perhaps this coming Saturday morning?

  3. Whoever uses hunter green athletic tape please quit throwing your tape balls all over the place. It’s gross.

  4. Pistol, Breeze, how did it go on the WOD? Welcome back not only to the Gym but to Crossfit. LOL!
    Good workout today, the back is feeling much better and I’m ready to start back in on the lifting, so I’m pretty happy right now.

  5. 2nd xfit WOD 12:54 scaled to 93lb BS & reg pullups. My hands are shaking. Great job lunch crew!

  6. Nicely done…I don’t see a time for Breeze, does that mean he is still going?

  7. Im like the energizer bunny

  8. So those are beer cans he lifts up to hit the drum with? LOL!
    Good on you for getting back to it and for all the lifting you’ve been doing, in all seriousness, your exploits as well as that of Kim, Murph, Stacy and Pebbles are inspiring.

  9. Is it that bad?