Great job, Jt, Andy & Bostic!!!!  Way to represent CFNF!

MONDAY 101122

Back Squat:

1 X 5 

Push press 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Dave Lipson 265lbs. Post loads to comments.

Compare to 070517.



Brad gets a 30lb PR from CrossFit North Fulton on Vimeo.


*****Holiday Hours******

Wednesday:  6,7,8:30, 12:30, 5:00, 5:45
Thursday (Thanksgiving):   9:30AM
Friday: 9:30am
Saturday: Regular class times
Sunday: Regular class times



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  1. Yay CFNF!
    I think Bostic and JT would have been top 10 if they would have been able to move and pass people in the first run.
    All three guys took top places in many events. 🙂
    Nice owrk Breeze.
    Yey pushpress. One o my favs!

  2. A big thank you to Pebbles, Brad, and Stringer for their support. It was a long drive up and it was nice to have them there encouraging us.
    Shout out to Brad for snatching 200

  3. work
    BS 210
    PP 140 x 3 and then 145 for TWO a couple times.

  4. Enjoyed working out with the 6am crew this morning. (“Enjoy” means I was present.) Good company and fascinating conversation.

  5. Happy to be back at 6am after a week’s recovery from the half marathon:) Didn’t know how much I had missed the banter between Doc and . . . . everyone else! Haha! Hope we didn’t scar Maria too much – poor thing.

  6. Guys for the record. Everyone better watch out because Brad did a metcon today. It involved pull-ups push-ups and DU’s. He worked that green pull-up band like I’ve never seen before!

  7. did he do the pushups from his knees?

  8. Hey, I don’t mind people using my stuff from my locker, just please put anything you take out back. After 5 minutes of searching today I found my Buddy Lee jump rope. Also, anyone know what happened to my velcro Harbinger weightlifting belt? After 10 minutes of searching I gave up. If you use my stuff, which anyone is welcome to do, please put it back.

  9. somehow I think I ended up with your rope after The Ten. Not sure where mine ended up…?