DSC_0088 This is the "before the wod" photo. Great to see Blake and Xena, you look awesome!

MONDAY 100419

3 rounds for time of:
Walking lunge, 100 ft
50 Squats
25 Back extensions

Post time to comments.

Compare to 070516. 

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  1. Where is the overhead stuff? Hopefully some WODs this week. I love a good push press, push jerk, maybe some OHS or snatches.
    Hey Blake!!!!!
    G-dog is still out of town, will come in tonight to work out.

  2. Good workout this AM – it was sneaky hard. I was inbetween sizes for the GHD machines and did Good-Mornings with a 45lb bar instead. I think I ended up at 12:09.

  3. Awwww, what a cute couple:)
    Great job 6-am-ers!
    Glad Doc is back with his own personal soundtrack,
    and good to see Keelow and Martine (and Joanie:)
    Thanks Meatball – your high knee skip demonstration was not to be missed!

  4. hey roswell/alpharetta natives,
    this is random but i was wanting to get some cheap, gently previously read books for my classroom (7th grade). by chance does anyone know of a used bookstore in our area?

  5. I sometimes go to Bookmiser on Sandy Plains Road in Roswell. There is also a store on Trickum right off of 92. Maybe if you tell them what you want them for they would be willing to negotiate on the price. Goodwill sometimes has some good books, I’ll keep my eye out for you. The public libraries also have a small selection of used books for sale. Any titles/authors you are looking for?

  6. I’ll have Owen go through some of his old books this afternoon and bring them by the gym tomorrow at lunch.

  7. Located in Roswell, Georgia, just off of Alpharetta Highway between Sherwin Williams and Honda Carland, Roswell Book Store is off of Sun Valley Drive.
    11055 Alpharetta Hwy

  8. GND,
    There is a used bookstore in Roswell on Hwy 9 directly across the street from the Audi dealership – I think the cross street is Sun Valley Dr. It’s maybe a block or two north on Hwy 9 from the Andretti speed lab place. It’s a red-brick bldg with an office furniture store facing the road and a used book store on the lower level around the back.

  9. Doh!

  10. 10.36 on the WOD and then Stringer and I did yesterday’s WOD (9 rnds – regular HSPU’s). Thanks for pushing me Stringer! Stacy thanks to you for timing and counting rounds! See the lunchtime crowd tomorrow.

  11. wow, thanks everyone! i appreciate the help.
    amy – i am not sure what i am looking for, exactly. my students are on all different reading levels, so i need a variety. my books have been walking away all year and i just need to replenish my supplies.

  12. There is a place off Alpharetta Highway by the Sherwin Williams (across street but on same side of road) I think the street name is Sun Valley Dr. where Bally’s is. They have a lot of stuff and you can trade too.

  13. What… every kid in your class doesn’t have an ipad yet? Those poor souls.

  14. I have tons of books with nice pictures.. oh wait.. Metaball said I’m not allowed to let people see those.

  15. you are officially not of any help to me today.