OHS – Work up to a heavy single.  15 min time limit



OHS 70% 1RM


Post time to comments.

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  1. Lunch time, you all did fantastically well!!!

  2. bsawkins says

    Lunch crowd was great as Jacklyn says. Well done to all, lots of good OHS’s.
    JT, I worked up to 225lbs but failed at 235lbs, lost shoulder stability at the bottom of the squat. The did Jeremy with 135lbs. 6.00Rx. Trying to set you a target each day I am in. Good luck if you are in later.
    Back is a little tight, but nothing a good stretch tonight won’t fix. See everyone tomorrow.
    Where are Hags, Sammy, etc.

  3. Stringer says

    275 Ohs and 7min rx on Jeremy…burps were slow!