MONDAY 100104

Three rounds for time of: 
12 Muscle-ups
75 Squats

Post time to comments.  An alt WOD will also be posted in the gym.

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  1. Brrrrrr! Yea for the Pebbles hat!

  2. my CF 2010 goals:
    Deadlift 500
    Fran – under 4:00
    Run a 24:00 5K
    snatch 200
    complete a MU workout
    RX every workout
    eat healthier everyday
    40 pull-ups in a row
    learn how to kip on HSPU
    100 consecutive double unders
    Wear a weight vest on more WOD’s
    Compete in a Challenge

  3. Dude…..if all that happens, what are you gonna do in 2011?
    Some great goals!

  4. Awesome list Stringer. your snatch goal is too low 😉

  5. Great job to Andy, Blake and Tyler on the HQ WOD!
    Katie, your MUs attempts are on fire!