_DSC0040 Little "Jacked Stack" Junior Club.

HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.  Hint:  It'll be a qualifier WOD.

ATTN:  Friday 12:30 class is cancelled and the 4:30 Friday class has been moved to 5:00pm!  No Yoga on Saturday.

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  1. I’m trying not to pout, but my hands hurt really bad and my ankle is SORE! I don’t think anyone at CFNF can touch a bar today! Great job on Angie everyone. You guys are awesome.
    See ya 8:30 Pistol.

  2. Nice work 8:30. Trego, Heather, Mark, Kim, Joy,and Lynn….you guys did great. What a fun WOD!!!!! Hope to do that one soon.
    Pistol ran suicides in the street. There is spray painted and taped off marks for 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 yards starting from the manhole and running up the hill if anyone wants to run suicides. 3 minutes is the time.

  3. which hill are we talking? the block run or the killer 400m one? my goal is to run and catch up on burpees today, so if anyone wants to meet me to run suicides and burpee like crazy, let me know.

  4. block cul de sac!

  5. I’ll meet you to do burpees (in slow-mo) and would like to practice du’s…must avoid excessive panting so running or met-con in general is out. 🙁 5? 5:30?

  6. sure – 5:30 ok? i don’t have my gym clothes with me and i wouldn’t want anything to happen to this precious and awesome “do your best on the test” shirt i am wearing today. so i’ll need to run home and change 🙂

  7. Is today “dress like a nerd” day at your school too??? I’ve been complimented on my costume twice today; oddly enough, I did not dress up.
    5:30 works. Think I’m going to do some strength training here first anyway.

  8. i wish, nerd costumes would be way better than this shirt that we HAVE to wear for the CRCTs. sounds like you’ve got a killer outfit on today then 🙂 see you at 5:30.

  9. Pebbles…I did 2000m row and 6 rounds of 20 box jumps and 10 wall balls(14 pound ball)…I liked this workout since no pull-ups today.. After the 4th round, my legs were shaky and felt like jello…my time was 25:50 RX….still behind you by one minute and some change..fun workout..thanks David and Amy for the great workout together..see everyone tomorrow…Go Pistol..Up yours Breeze..

  10. Row/BJ/WB WOD – 16:32 Rx
    I originally finished at 14:50 until Pistol told me no one in the country has done it that fast…realized then that I had only done 10 BJ! Finished the WOD by doing the additional 60 BJ.
    Cannot walk.

  11. You’re kicking A$$ Hagler! Way to go. I am impressed……… and happy you did not beat my time ;).
    Nice job Spidey!!!!
    Ditto to the …..Go Pistol. Up yours Breeze.

  12. Well done on the BJs Spider. Sorry I wasn’t there….

  13. Feeln’ the love….

  14. Are you guys running suicides at 5:30? If so count me in!

  15. Wild Thing says

    I see yall got another Kim to replace me in the 8:30! BTW what is a suicide?

  16. as far as i understand it, a suicide is when you run to the 10m marker and back, then run to the 20m marker and back, and so on. sometimes you are required to either touch the ground or the marker at each point; sometimes you just have to make it to 10m, 20m, and so on for it to count. someone correct me if i’m wrong.

  17. Hi guys…you too breeze! Checkin’ in…
    I’m not even commenting Spider… well maybe one…nope…not gonna do it!
    pistol, whup up on’em this weekend.
    Miss ya’ll..be back soon.

  18. Whoa!

  19. Hey Gigi! Miss you!

  20. Wild Thing….you are irreplaceable!

  21. well said..

  22. there is a dirty joke in here somewhere…hmmm??? Nah, I won’t comment..

  23. Don’t worry spidey, I always knew you had it in you!

  24. yeah…I KNEW I should have spelled it out…that’s what I get for trying to be efficient. Maybe I should have written “can’t talk!” LOL.

  25. Wild Thing says

    Thanks Brad and Hagler! Wishing Kim the best of luck this weekend!

  26. Now there’s the blog we all know and love!!!!