It’s ON! AM vs. PM vs. Nooners!

_DSC0016Maybe I'm mistaken but I think Karen is laughing….and I think Steve might be crying…

It's ON people!  Wednesday to Wednesday, no matter what type membership you have come in every day and score your team some points!


30db burpee/thrusters 
10 power snatches (115,75) (full snatch OK)
800m run
30 KTE
20 Box Jumps
Building Run

I solemnly swear these exercises were pulled out of bucket by a non-biased three year old whose mom is out of the challenge due to injuries….

Yo, Check it!  The Spreadsheet for the 1st day of the Challenge is here

AM:  22

Nooners:  15

PM:  24

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  1. Peggalicious says

    All I have to say is after Tuesday’s alt WOD – you suck! But I will be there for my team – Go Afternoon Delight!!

  2. i always thought ryan had a bit of a devilish streak, now i know for sure… holy. i think i’d be good if it was just the 30db/thrusters, for time. but bring it on πŸ™‚
    here are the top 5 reasons to be a PMer
    5) all the times for the day are already up, so you know who to beat
    4) you can sleep in, and go out to a leisurely lunch
    3) you are the best looking (due to said beauty rest)
    2) you are going to win this challenge
    1) in the slightest off chance that we might possibly lose, you can enjoy making fun of jt for a long time, for starting this whole thing (i guess that applies to ALL teams)

  3. Ouch, this might hurt. But not as much it will for the AM and PM losers.

  4. 7. Nooners can only come once per day while PMers and AMers can come twice if they want to… Come to workout that is… Get your mind out of the gutter!

  5. Ryan, you’re fired.
    Way to pick a horrible WOD πŸ™‚

  6. I promise you that Ryan and his mother would love to be right in there doing this WOD today!
    On another note, if anyone wants to take G-dog for a beer soon he could probably use it as his wife is quite irritable being on the IR.
    Going to probably get really good at rowing, and ring dips here in the near future as those keep me off my foot.

  7. I AM
    6a crew did great this morning pretty sure the nooners and Afternoon Delight will not do so well at this workout you should probably just stay home today! Thanks DD for helping me face my fear of the box…yes my last 10 box jumps I used the red box…next is blue!
    here are the top 5 reasons to be a AMer
    5) You get to set the bar high for all other classes
    4) you can go home after work and have happy hour
    3) you are the best looking team in the gym
    2) you are going to kill this challenge
    1) When the other teams lose and we win, you can enjoy making fun of jt for a long time:)
    AM AM AM AM AM AM AM !!!!!

  8. I will pick him up at 12n..he might miss class!

  9. PS. Best reason to join the AM team is that you DON’T have to call yourself Afternoon Delight!

  10. I am coming in this evening to do my part. I have been traveling quite a bit lately and I need to catch up.
    I am sincerely afraid of those db-burpee-high pull-thruster-snatch monster thingies!!! I will do my best though.
    Do you get extra points for puking?!?!?

  11. I really tried to get the 75# over my head before the workout but just couldn’t do it… so Brad had to lower the RX weights to 65/95. Sorry πŸ™ After I finished the workout I tried the 75 again and could do it fine. Ahhh! I’m disappointed. I should have warmed up better! Oh well. The burpee/thrusters are the hardest part of the workout. I think I got 14.37 Post your times people!
    Well done to all the AMers this morning… especially Jpo for facing your fears!

  12. What time is the Oly lifting thing today? Is it still on?

  13. 11am. I will be there, so I hope it’s still on. πŸ™‚

  14. Otis, Max and Furman says

    We are AM!!!! AM Rules!!!

  15. Now this is a WOD to complain about…wth????
    Nonetheless, I will be there, in true whining form, at 12:30 to bitch my way thru this one.

  16. Mens’ Rx. 13:27 is the time to beat.

  17. Happy Birthday Nitro!

  18. did i miss reason #6?
    it doesn’t matter anyway cause I A.M.!!!
    We RULE!
    as Hicky so aptly puts it, “You all are REJECTED!!!”

  19. I concur! What a terrible name! What dork came up with that one?

  20. I like how two of your five reasons refer to a bar:) #5 and #4
    Soooooo proud of you on the box jumps!
    It was the extra junk in your trunk that you were packin’ in the video!

  21. Boots with the Fur says

    I A.M.

  22. Who’s that?

  23. Nice job Rainman. Way to throw that out there. Props!

  24. Way to go Jpo. Once you get on the box…there is no getting off my friend. Nice!!!!

  25. Be afraid….very afraid!
    Don’t know bout points for Pukie but you get your name on the board!

  26. So how did snatching go today?

  27. Good! Definitely helped me with some of the things I’ve been doing wrong. Now just to practice more.

  28. CFNF do you think we could do an Oly lifting thing some night or on the weekend?

  29. JPo’s Hard Core!!!

  30. great job lunch bunch…afternoon delight…couldn’t think of anything BETTER…who isn’t down with a “LITTLE” afternoon delight from time to time…Everyone worked hard today…I thought I would hate the burpees / thrusters but ACTUALLY like those the most..I am PROUD to be a nooner….Way to represent today..

  31. 13:27 WAS the time to beat. Brad and Kim crushed this WOD!

  32. I’m not happy with my time, but at least my teammates picked up my slack.

  33. Done! 12:22rx

  34. When you bring it as hard as nooners do…..once is all a mere mortal can handle!
    Sorry spidey and I are on the road for day 1 & 2…..but our nooner team is gonna be hard to beat!

  35. Mad props to Breeze who smoked me on that 800 that I actually started on first! Chuga Chuga is how I felt, but still came in and smoke the Hickster! 12:28! Take that, haters! I “heart” nooners!

  36. Well done. SOunds like the best time of the day to me!

  37. G-dog was right around 14 on this one. Maybe third place????
    Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings ya’ll. Probably Murph. Bwa hahahahaha!

  38. damn! You underestimated yourself this am. πŸ™‚

  39. Yep you hammered it.
    The king Nooner strikes again.

  40. blah blah blah blah ..its not over yet.
    am rules!!!

  41. Pebbles please remember what team you were nice talk to the other teams:)
    i’m pretty sure this post was from your husband.

  42. I think today’s scores prove that even an outnumbered Afternoon Delight will kick team morning breath’s ass; and put the lunch wagon team to shame.
    Martine is asking me if she can come over to the cool team. I told her we’d need to think about it.
    Afternoon Delight indeed.

  43. yes, the night group rocked it tonight. we are small but mighty πŸ™‚
    the AM army has incredible participation that’s going to be hard to beat, so please all you night people who lurked at home tonight – come represent tomorrow.

  44. That kicked my @ss!! However, the @ss kicking felt good in a sick kinda way!! Thanks to everyone for pushing me through to the finish! One day I will get to RX!!!
    As usual, I bow to all of you… all rock!!

  45. Karen tomorrow girls and boys. So glad I got my wall ball practice in last week. Maybe that will help me be super fast. Not.

  46. OK Peeps, We are taking a vote! We just did Karen a few days ago. Would you like to do it again or pick another workout from the bucket?

  47. Our Votes:
    Martine- Either way
    Miguel – Karen (‘Cause the bucket is scary)

  48. I’m game for anything.

  49. Peggalicious says

    It doesn’t require burpees, running or box jumps – I vote for Karen (and I didn’t do it the other day). But I’ll show up either way for my team!
    Go PM!

  50. How about a MU/HSPU combo? I think that would be fair.

  51. 3
    What’s the word? Green bucket?…I think so!!!

  52. I say we change it!!!!