HQ Rest Day.

CFNF alt WOD: 


BW back squats – HSPU

50 double double unders between each round.

Post time to comments..

Coming soon…..CFNF challenge the Keggers vs. the Wino's!!!  34 and under vs. 35 and up.  Get your videos ready!

If you want a hoodie let me know this week (size please).  We only order these once a year and when they're gone…they're gone.


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  1. JT, next time you have your picture taken next to Steve please flex so you look like Stringer…. or have your arms always been that small?

  2. For those of you who have asked me about dairy as far as how it affects diet….take a look at my blog today. (link on left of this page)

  3. Thanks for helping me improve the actual squat in the back squat today Kim!! Great job 6a!!!

  4. Count me in for a hoodie…XXL i would think.
    When is the CFNF challenge?

  5. i wasn’t flexing, didn’t want to embarass Steve. Plus its my left arm, you should see my right

  6. I’m in for a hoodie, XL

  7. What a picture! I’d love to order a hoodie, small. Hope to come back in the next couple months but turns out the MCL is torn. FML.

  8. I was wondering where you were Anna! Hate to hear that.
    Performance for me was terrible today. I stood more than I worked, but I got it done. I think it took me like 27 minutes. Robb Wolf stated there would be a time when changing diets, at first, that performance would stink. Maybe that was it today.
    Anyway…..165 lb back squat. 2 ab mats on HSPU and I am back to doing DU’s. Was getting about 30 in a row with no pain in my foot. Very excited about that. Now just to get the met con back.
    Thanks for the stretches at the end Pistol. Love it!

  9. i’ll take a hoodie! kim, put me down for whatever size you wear.
    bring on the challenge! like i said last night, i really am more of a wine person than a keg person but i’ll play along for the sake of a good challenge šŸ™‚

  10. Put me down for one hoodie, Large please. Sweet design.

  11. I am not sure that I will be able to walk tomorrow. Good to have Stringer there. Got 18 something with 1 ab mat and did 225 (BW 245)
    BTW following Pebbles blog and diet changes is doing me some good. Was 252 now 244.

  12. 1. Great job this morning 6am crew.
    2. JT and Stringer are HOT!
    3. Way to go GDog! You are extra-HOT! Smokin’ if you will.
    4. I just signed up for the ING Half-Marathon thru downtown Atlanta on March 21st. Who’s in? You can go to active.com to sign up and get $10 off half and $20 off full.

  13. Count me in for a Lg.

  14. Great lunchtime workout…my legs feel like jello

  15. šŸ™‚