HQ Rest Day.  Yesterdays WOD will be posted in the gym today. 

ATTN:  Holiday Hours are:

Wednesday:  6am, 7am,8:30am,6pm
Thanksgiving 9am
Friday: 8:30, 12:30
Saturday: 8am,9am,10am, No Yoga
Sunday: 9:00am, 10:00am Open House

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  1. Thanks Breeze! That was a challenging WOD this morning. My core hurts.

  2. Big Ed,
    Next time you see Lauren, ask her about how I busted her for flirting with my boy OJ.

  3. OK, can’t wait to see her. The teams did very well at their first competition yesterday.

  4. Yeah! She told me her team got first! Awesome.

  5. Peggy! We miss you intensely and long for your return. I thought you’d be back by the 22nd?