Stringer in Event 4  at the Garage Games in Woodstock.  HQ Rest Day.  Yesterdays Hero WOD will be on the board.

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  1. Awesome job this weekend Blake, Stringer, Michael and Pistol!

  2. Nothing like running, wall balling, kb swinging in the rain and sleet, burpees in the mud and heavy deads by the lake where it felt like 10 degrees! Good job you guys. Way tough week-end of work outs! I particularly liked how the sand bags were not only heavy, but as LONG as Pistol was tall too! Kind of hard to clean those!

  3. Good job to the Garage Games participants. Nasty conditions. Way to HTFU.

  4. Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us in the nasty weather conditions. For me personally, it was very motivating. The weekend was a humbling experience. I realized that just like any other sport, to be the best you have to dedicate a majority of your time and energy to it. In talking to a lot of the top competitors, none of them are only following the the HQ WOD. I was chatting with the guy who won the Sunday morning event and his daily workout routine looks like this: 1) Strength bias or CF football wod 2) MetCon or HQ WOD 3) Iso movements (I know, the anti CF) or Oly/Power lifting practice. I don’t know where the guy finds the time for all that, but it is clear to me that the top beasts in the CF community are dedicating themselves at similar levels of professional athletes in other sports. Crazy shit!

  5. After watching what the athletes endured this weekend, I vow to never again complain about a WOD.
    Well, for at least this week anyway . . . . . .
    Seriously, it was an awesome weekend and I am soooo proud of my peeps!!!!

  6. I agree with Blake…humbling, but motivating. It was awesome to see what some people are capable of. Great work guys and it was good to see everyone. See you in a few weeks.

  7. Thank you all for showing up and cheering during our workouts. The support and energy from the CFNF crew made my weekend. I cannot say how grateful I am to have you all as friends and workout partners.
    See you all in the upcoming weeks.

  8. Where’s the truck?