HQ Rest Day.  Make up a missed workout or come see what is on the board.

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  1. would someone mind posting the alt wod? i like knowing what i’m up against.
    thanks! see you guys at 6:30.

  2. let me see if i can remember it, i’m still kinda woozy from it,
    it’s a team workout and there were 6 of us at 6 am;
    it’s called conga something:
    1 rope climb (or 3 reverse)
    12-10 burpees
    12-15 medicine ball cleans
    12-20 box jumps
    12-25 sit ups
    good mornings = ‘rest’
    7 rounds
    the 6 am group did 12 reps of everything, but we got kinda bottled up due to hicky and DD rushing thru so kim said she was gonna modify for later groups,
    good luck!!!

  3. 1) My hands have rope burns!
    2) I still am looking for a job! If anyone knows of anything let me know!
    3) We need more people for the body fat loss competition. Please join in the fun!!!!

  4. I think we need a minumum of 10 people for the COMPETITION to make it worth while. Otherwise, we can all keep are $100 and just do it as a team and motivate each other. We could have trophy?!!!
    Just a thought.

  5. Kim N – what are you looking to do? How is Kyle?

  6. I like that idea Nadler! I want to do the competition just having an issue with the $100 buy in!

  7. Nadler – I definitely want to the challenge, but like JPo, the $100 buy in is not so appealing right now. Maybe the winner can get taken out to dinner or get their favorite beverage of choice!

  8. Awesome!!! I am so relieved!! Then that is the plan. NO $$$ Just support and teamwork. We can all do this together. Share ideas and recipes, etc. I agree we all go out to dinner at the end and the winner eats for free!!! Sound Good? So now who is in? I will be at kid class tonight and start a list on the board, put your name on it if you are in. Weigh in is monday!! YEAH! I am excited now!

  9. DD, I am a good mom and wife. What kind of job can I get with that.

  10. Did the 15-12-9-6 workout today. Took 4 days off so I just tried to see how many rounds of it I could do in 20 minutes.
    3 Rounds + 5 Deadlifts.
    Considerable faster than the first time I did it. Which probably would have been 30-33 minutes for the same 3 rounds.
    See everyone tonight!

  11. 135 lbs

  12. Congrats Miguel on your first pull up!!!
    Your getting a lot of firsts this week. Keep up the good work.
    By the way, me and katie destroyed the competition. 5 rounds of the 10-15-20-25…21 minutes and change.

  13. Happy Birthday Simone – and I’m so sorry I’m so late to wish you one! I didn’t even think about it when we were working out!
    I hope your day was great! You did an awesome job on the workout!
    We’ll celebrate with you this weekend!

  14. Thanks, Peggy.
    Great job everyone at the 5:30 workout, and thanks for your support. I couldn’t have finished without you all!