_DSC0009  HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

Reminder:  Tomorrow there is only one class at 9:00am.   Join us for a team workout and food afterwards to celebrate our one year anniversary.

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  1. I am soooo happy today is my day off!

  2. Cool WOD. Short but it does the job. Way to go Nadler on the running afterwards.
    See you guys tomorrow!!! It will be fun!

  3. What is the WOD?

  4. 21 – 15 – 9
    SDLHP 95#/65#
    Ring Dips
    Sit ups

  5. Hey Y’all. Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I am heading back down to visit Justin. See ya on monday.

  6. KTE and sit ups – that stinks. Glad it’s my day off – no SDLHP for me. See everyone tomorrow.
    Sniper – tell Justin ‘hi’ and that we miss him.

  7. What do you mean “that stinks” ab queen?
    Ryan and I just got back from feeding the ducks and taking Max on a walk. We may have to add some running into the 4:30. It is beautiful outside. AAhhh…GA weather how it should be!