_DSC0025 HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board!

ATTN:  The next affiliate challenge is May 9th at BTB.  Click on the link to the left for more details.

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  1. Nice pic Sniper. Looking good.

  2. Good job on the PR yesterday, Pebbles! I wrote a response on yesterday’s post but wanted to make sure you saw it.
    Any chance you could coach me in 1RM back squat sometime?

  3. I just read your post. Thanks…hahaha. Just so you know I never get in fights.
    Be glad to help you best I can. I am in just about every day. Many times twice. Just let me know.
    I will be in tonight and tomorrow night to train Eirik at 7:30 and Friday at 4:30’s class would be a good time too.

  4. Nice PR on shoulder press, Pebs! I’m so jealous!

  5. Hey can anyone tell me what is posted on the board for today? I’d really appreciate it.

  6. Thanks Pistol.
    i would like to know what’s on the board too. Trying to plan for G and I both to go tonight and decide weather to bring kids or not. We don’t bring kids if there is lots of running that takes us away from he gym or lots of heavy weight being thrown.
    If it can’t be posted maybe some one can text me…

  7. AMRAP 20 min of 5 Med Cleans, 10 Box Jumps (or BJ’s for Spider) and 15 Sit ups.

  8. In that case, I may have to pass on today’s WOD – really sore from eating a box of Ju Ju fruits ;-P

  9. thanks. .

  10. Thanks! What time will you be in tonight? Katie wants in too.

  11. Hey Andy, is eFreightsolutions your company?

  12. That’s just wrong. 🙂

  13. I’m a part owner. Why?
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  14. damn. today’s WOD busted my balls.
    good job Breeze.
    i’m still sweating.
    xena, you rocked as always.
    nitro (the sweaty bomb)

    BIG ed + nitro will be @ durty kelly’s in a-retta tonight.
    who wants to drink beer?
    nitro (the thirsty bomb)

  16. Nitro that sounds fun but Pebs has her ads on
    A strict diet once again. I had fun hanging with
    You guys in JAX and look forward to it again
    Anna I am going to do the Row OHS WOD from
    the dirty south qualifier at 5:45 class to try to
    Beat Breeze’s time. After I am done I will have
    Time until 7:30 when Eirik arrives. Sound good?
    See everyone tonight. I am drinking a vente
    Iced coffee and plan to take about 8 scoops
    of jack stack to get thru this WOD fast!

  17. Probably not as fast as me!

  18. Wanted to make sure for networking on Linkedin.

  19. I hear ya Breeze. My plan is to kick your A$$. We will see.
    I wish I had not planted 9 boxwood bushes today!

  20. So, Breeze rocked that work out. I did not beat him. I was 22 something RX. For me, it was the RUNS that were slow. The other stuff was fine. I guess you can’t beat many people if your WALKING on the runs!
    Nice work Breeze. I’m impressed.But look out….as soon as Doc helps me not run like a duck I’m coming after you!

  21. Peggalicious says

    Pebbles – you still did pretty darn awesome!
    Fun workout today. Kamilah – you totally rocked the workout from yesterday, no one came close to your time!

  22. Way to go Kami.
    Thanks Peggalicious for the kudos. Love seeing you guys in there even if it is only brief.