HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board. 

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  1. **Gigi** says

    hip….hmmmmm…not so bad…check
    Damn good to be back!!
    Mini Barb- did the 3 consecutively..at least made it a little challenging…
    Felt GOOOOOOD to be back!!!
    Great seeing everybody! You too Sweatman!

  2. Gigi! Loved seeing you yesterday! Great job!

  3. Anyone willing to share what’s on the board today?

  4. Wow – look how fast I was going! Too fast for the camera!

  5. which is the opposite of brad, doing his trademark pose in the background

  6. Great to see you gigi! Not telling what is on the board…come in to see!

  7. What’s the WOD? I have a gym rat friend coming in for muscle burning… I mean preview of what crossfit is all about.

  8. Martine is sending me in for recon at 12:30.

  9. I know what the WOD is:)

  10. what if we cant make it in today? How am going figure out what to do if nobody shares the WOD?

  11. Also looking for the WOD. I can’t do legs. They need to be at 100% for Saturday. 😉

  12. Let’s just say it’s no Barbara, but just as much of a bitch!

  13. Miguel, thanks for pushing me today!
    As for the WOD, let’s just say it’s a good primer for FGB.

  14. I went in, but Brad made me sign a non disclosure agreement prior to unavailing the board.
    Thanks for pushing me through the WOD Big-E and Brad!

  15. today’s WOD was awesome.
    it is unofficially titled: Xena’s Bitches
    i coughed up a lung for about an hour afterward.
    but it was worth it.
    big Ed is right, it does warm up your innards for FGB.
    thanks breeze + xena for pushing me.
    you’re both sexy bitches.
    i love one of you.
    nitro (the ultimate bomb)

  16. G-Dog, great time today!
    DJ, you are looking pretty good for just having the flu, it was great to meet your friends.
    Peaches, I don’t think you realize just how close you are to getting that MU!

  17. Man you guys were working hard at 6:30. Yay Peaches! I can’t wait for you to get your MU.
    Nice time G-dog. 17 and changes. WTG and Happy Anniversary!
    Eirik, Shari and Bill got aquatinted with burpees at 7:30 tonight. Nice work you guys.