HQ Rest Day.  Come see what's on the board.

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  1. Everyone thinks muscle ups are hard, try this: http://img2.pict.com/01/18/06/f2cc3c3e9c355a5631783c9669/SOqD0/2zcg.gif
    Same thing, but with 2 people:
    There might be a certain somebody that we could get to try this?

  2. I just wanted to post something so HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!

  3. Nothing funny or interesting to say. Just HEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!! back to Jpo.

  4. can anyone tell me whats on the board? please…

  5. i had 2 lunches and 3 desserts (so far) today…. and i’ll be in kinda early to run, like 2-3 miles. anyone who wants to join me is welcome.

  6. I’ll be skating around 6:00 at Elkins Middle right by crossfit if anyone wants to watch me show off how fast I can go! ziippeee(weather permitting)

  7. Just read this. Would have taken the boys to check it out.