Hicky’s Fight is Tomorrow!


Stacy gets a nice shrug on her hang power cleans.

"Freddy's Revenge" – Courtesy of CrossFit One World

Five rounds for time
Push Jerk (Or anyway you can get it overhead)(185,95)
10 burpees

Post time to comments.  Burpee challenge day 61.

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  1. Oh..Thank God.
    Yay Yay Yay, I really wanted to do this work out!

  2. Good luck Hicky!
    Happy Holidays everyone! Stacy(the funny lookin chick in today’s pic,LOL) and I will be out of town until 12/28, so see ya’ll then.

  3. First Sammy we miss you. Looking forward to you coming back or at least inviting us out for drinks. We need more people in the gym north of 25. I am getting smoked daily by the kids.
    Yesterdays WOD was a ball buster. Blake is an absolute beast. I have never seen anyone do a muscle up like him. Pure strength.
    Today’s WOD looks fun. I better get in cuz tonight is 5 Guys with Collin Butch. Every Friday night is 5 guys with Collin Butch.

  4. Austin McLean says

    Garret, I can get to the gym earlier than 4:30 if you need to work out before 5 Guys. LEt me know.

  5. Of course I loved that work out. It was tough, but short. 7 min flat RX. Awesome job G-dog Rx too. (11 something in time).
    Great to see you Peaches.
    Good luck everyone else. I can’t wit to se some more RX times. CFNF is really rockin lately. Many of you should consider going to the games is July.

  6. So is it 1 Push Jerk or 10?

  7. Austin McLean says


  8. Austin McLean says


  9. Austin McLean says

    Blake, Gdog, and Michael, and 90% sure Shandy I would bet are the only guys who can do that one Rx.
    I am pretty sure the girl Rx was either 105 or 115 at least thats what it looked like Pappas was using in the video.

  10. Kalista is using 93# in the videos and the push jerk is 5 reps just like in the games

  11. Austin McLean says

    haha I knew about the 5 reps (wanted to scare spider) but I was obviously wrong about the weight. I didn’t think it would be that much of a difference.
    When has it been that big of a drop? I mean HALF the mens weight??? Thats just crazy talk.
    Fran – only a 30 lb differnce
    Grace – 40 lb difference
    Diane – 50 lb differnce
    The games (deadlift workout) – 90 lb difference but still only about a 30% difference.
    The games (Squat clean and jerk) – 50 lbs and still only about a 30 percent drop.
    I think I was more assuming it would be heaver than the 95 lbs. Never seen a 50% drop in weight before. Have you?

  12. Autsim, Thanks for the concern, but I made it in at 9AM. 185 lbs was heavy for 25 reps. Great WOD. Feel like I am getting back in the game.

  13. I meant Austin. I keep doing that!!!

  14. Hicky – I was not able to get to the gym this week and tell you goodbye. Good luck in your fight tomorrow. Have an awesome time on your trip. I’ll miss your leadership in the morning workouts. Be safe and have fun!