Happy Halloween!


This kid is just so darned cute!  And the little boy in the hat is pretty cute too!

HQ Rest Day.  Alt WOD:

block run
10 burpees
20 box jumps
30 double unders

5 rounds for time.  Burpee Challenge day 19.  Buy in 171.

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  1. feeling pretty wretched today … don’t think i’ll be attempting the crossfit century stunt again.
    i will miss you all this weekend! go dawgs!

  2. Ryan is so cute.. I love family day at the gym; and that includes Max , Otis, and Marvin too!! Ryan is a breathe of fresh air.. I just want to put him in my pocket and take him home with me!!!! Going to attempt the 12:30 class today… Any joiners on Halloween afternoon??? Hagler

  3. Just an additional post to reminder to check out Hicky’s fight information on sidebar… Fight is next Saturday, November 8th..8:30 p.m. Wild Bill’s in Duluth.

  4. Ryan does bring a smile to your face. we are lucky to have him. He loves all the attention he gets at CFNF.He also just soaks Crossfit up. I can’t wait to see him Crossfit one day. (or maybe I can…want to keep him little ya know)
    Garrett and I had our own pre-Halloween party. Not feeling up to par today at ALL. Will see you tomorrow.

  5. A very nice workout today – IF you can crank out double unders. Based on my time one would think that I crawled during the block run. I need lots of jumprope practice.

  6. Hicky got 100 double unders this morning!

  7. Yeah I feel like death…
    I completed the CrossFit Century and went beyond it. I’m pretty sure I went for 110 minutes. I finished 12 beers in 110 minutes. I do not remember 95% of the rest of the night after 30 minutes of completing this ridiculous thing. I do not recommend anyone doing this and if you do cap off the beer at like 8. My body hates me but damn it was fun while I was doing it.
    Hicky, I hate you 🙂
    Kim, hopefully the gym wasn’t messy. As I said before I do not remember anything, therefor I do not remember if we cleaned up all the cans lol. Thank you if you had to clean up after my retartedness.
    And i am pretty sure stacy and craig stopped by last night, but that is a little foggy too.

  8. BOO

  9. Does anyone want two tickets to the KIX Country Jam at Amphatheatre tomorrow night?

  10. Austin… you actually did 120! You completed the full 2 hours after we had showed up. You get an Rx+ for that one.